Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver Review (model 9401W)

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I tell you what, the Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver is one of the top budget-buys in the bathroom etagere category.  Period.  Simply for the price, build, look, and storage, this toilet shelving unit lands in the top 5 of best bathroom etageres on the market today.

I supposed you’d be wondering why I think that?  Well, you can see for yourself below.

Buying Points


One word comes to mind when looking over the Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver.  Classic.  White, so it fits into any bathroom.  Cabinets for versatile storage.  Shelves for decor like a plant or picture.  Made from wood for easy shipping, assembly, and stability.  It really embodies what could be considered a top-tier product overall.

Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver
While the look is “classic” to us, others might see it as generic.  To each his/her own of course but I’d lobby for anyone to consider a bathroom etagere such as this one.


Storage is the name of the game with the Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver.  Featuring a standard cabinet area with an additional drop-down cabinet, you can safely store a wide variety of items.  This is a great option for a small bathroom without a lot of storage space (unlike this Kings Etagere).


At this price point, I think we all can assume or at least understand what we’re getting.  If less than $50, a piece of furniture like this can be a gamble on what you get.

Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver size chart
Is it possible they might be flimsy?


Is it possible they are that way because of the assembler?


But what you get versus what you lose ($) is a no brainer.  The wood is particle board with a simple white finish over it.  Pending on your proximity to the sink, you’ll definitely want to consider picking up a lacquer of some kind.  This will protect from water damage and increase the lifespan of your Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver.

Dimensions for this bathroom etagere is 23 inches wide and 64.5 inches high.  Toilet clearance is 31.75 inches and the depth is 7.38 inches.

Overall Thoughts


  • Storage is in plenty
  • Price point is great
  • Quality look, universal fit


  • Building materials are cheap
  • Can suffer from water damage
  • May run into problems with the doors fitting flush

Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver Consensus

As mentioned in the overall theme of this review, the Zenna Home Bathroom Spacesaver is a quality etagere.  It’s inexpensive and can fit into most bathroom-scapes.  Sure, it’s made with some poorer materials but a quick lacquer job can protect your bathroom etagere from water damage.  This is a fantastic option and one we highly recommend. Click here to see more on Amazon!

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