The Best Toilet Fill Valve Replacements

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 When it comes to the source of common toilet problems, it seems like the toilet fill valve ranks in the top.  It really takes a beating as one of the more laborious parts in your toilet’s cranium.  So why not have the best toilet fill valve to replace it with if yours is on the fritz?

Every single flush requires the fill valve to–well, fill the tank with water.  As simple as it may sound, it’s still a bit more complicated as a functioning part in your toilet.  If you’re looking to replace the toilet fill valve on your toilet, you’ve come to the right place.  Even if you’re looking for toilet fill valve repair help, we’ve got you covered too.

If this isn’t a fill valve-related issue, head over to for more tips on helping you repair any toilet issues.

The Best Toilet Fill Valves

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So how do you decide on the best toilet fill valve for you?  Well that’s what the below list is for.  We’ve laid out a few options to get you started on finding the right toilet fill valve, whether you’re looking at a replacement based on cost or rating, we’ll have you covered.

Following the list of options we will explore various things to keep in mind when making the decision on the right one.

toilet fill valve replacement options tank toiletology.comParts Of The Toilet Fill Valve

Firstly, let’s take a look to the left and get acclimated to the various parts of the toilet fill valve.  The areas for you to note are:

  • Cap
  • Arm
  • Refill Tube
  • Water Level Adjustment Clip
  • Critical Level Mark
  • Adjustable Height Area

Various parts of this guide and others will feature these terms so it’s best to understand what is being discussed.

It’s no rocket science but it saves time in the future.

Common Problems


Leaking problems are the obvious common problem that can afflict your toilet fill valve.  If your old toilet fill valve is leaking, you’ll be dealing with either a slight drizzle or a potential flood (sarcasm) of running water from the top.

Both issues shouldn’t cause too much to be concern as the leaks will be caught by the tank of the toilet.  That’s at least the silver lining for you.

Leaks will most likely occur near the cap area at the top, however, it’s possible they spring up in other areas like the refill tube.  If they occur in other areas, you may run into challenges finding said area if it’s under the overflow fill line.


This is simply a breakdown in the toilet fill valve’s core function.  The problem could be the water level adjustment clip may be failing, the height of the fill valve may need adjusting, or any other area of the toilet fill valve.  One thing is certain, if you have a toilet fill valve running nonstop then it’s time to fix it.

Overrunning isn’t something you can “patch up” so be prepared to get a new fill valve to replace your broken one.

Troubleshoot Warning

If you’ve not done a readjustment check on your current fill valve, be sure to try that before purchase.  Sometimes these valves adjust overtime so a simple solution could be right under your nose.

It can also save you some shekels.


When it comes to toilet-related problems, the fill valve seems to be a bit more daunting of a task.  Anything involving the innards of your toilet’s tank can increase the angst of anyone first-timer.  Luckily, this is one of the easier tasks that can be completed when it comes to toilet maintenance.

As you can see to the right, a toilet fill valve replacement is incredibly easy and take minimal time and effort.

The job can be completed in less than an hour and your toilet will be running good as new right after.  All you are going to need is a pair of pliers and a new toilet fill valve replacement.

Replacement Steps

  1. Shut off the water shutoff valve.  Should be located underneath and behind your toilet.
  2. Flush the remaining water in your toilet.
  3. Place a bucket underneath your toilet tank, specifically under where the toilet fill valve is screwed in.
  4. Disconnect the water supply line.
  5. Remove the old fill valve
  6. Adjust the height of the new toilet valve so that critical level mark is an inch above the top of your overflow pipe.
  7. Insert the fill valve into the tank opening and tighten into place.
  8. Connect the supply line.
  9. Attach refill tube.
  10. Turn water back on.
  11. Flush and you should be set!

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  1. Fifty years ago fill valves shut off gradually – taking at least a couple of seconds. Today the shutoff is snap action. As a result we get a pipe shudder that sooner or later will cause somebody a leak problem. Is there a fill valve available that eases the shutoff?

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