These Toilet Accessories Are Key To A Luxury Toilet [Infographic]

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A luxury toilet might look like this but yours doesn’t have to look this way to be luxurious.  Toilet accessories can take your toilet from bland to luxury in just a few easy steps.

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 Think about the average bathroom you visit these days.  Think about the items you see. Imagine what items you cannot use.  It’s here where has found a glaring problem with bathrooms in Western Civilization—toilets and accessories are often neglected and under-valued for how much they’re used.  Where are the toilet accessories that make toilets more enjoyable?  More times than not, it’s just a toilet, seat, and lid…and that’s it.  That’s not good enough in our eyes!


What we want to accomplish is to instill the idea that toilets should not only be taken care of, but take care of you!

Sitting down on the toilet tends to be more of a hassle or chore (or maybe worse given your situation), rather than something you can look forward to.  Why not consider ways to increase its luxury?  Have you even thought of the possibilities of taking your regular, standard toilet and transforming it into bowel bliss?

Toilet accessories are key to toilet luxury.

There are no two ways about it, really.  A new toilet is a canvas for new ideas and has a variety of proverbial paints to choose from.  What you’ll see as you continue is a breakdown of how attainable toilet luxury is both in ideas and money.  Products for yourself, your guests, and even the environment are all represented here with options for each.

Ready to have a toilet your friends and family will want to come over and use?

Toilet stools

If you’re making your toilet more luxurious with toilet accessories, it should most importantly provide you with easement while sitting on it.  Lost on people in the west is the proper way to eject waste from their bodies, an easy correction is a toilet stool.

What is the “proper way”?

Well, it’s to squat down from a standing position to defecate.  Human beings weren’t meant to be in a sitting position while using the toilet.  Since the toilet was invented as a receptacle to transport waste out of modern homes, humans tended to disregard the potential consequences.

Toilet Accessories toilet stool
toilet accessories 64564

Toiletops’ Choice – Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty is well established as one of the premier toilet stool options on the market.  At an affordable price, catchy name, and a ridiculously hilarious advertising campaign, the Squatty Potty became the biggest name in pooping.  There are, of course, many other options to choose from with differentiating factors and styles.

That being said, the Squatty Potty is one toilet stool you can bet won’t crap out on you.  If you need a toilet stool and you’re not sure which one, you have a great choice right here.

What happens when you sit on a toilet is that your colon and rectal area is constricted by the Puborectalis muscle, making pooping a more difficult process than it should be.  With this added constriction, you’re causing more work for yourself which can lead to potential issues in the future.

Like diverticulitis—this is a painful digestive disease that can be caused by strenuous pooping for years and years.  What a toilet stool can do is cut down on that stress significantly by allowing your colon to straighten out and let your feces just fall out.  But a toilet stool can have some short-term benefits as well.

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Like cutting down on hemorrhoids.  If you’re prone to hemorrhoids, a toilet stool should already be under your toilet.  Again, because of less straining, you’re less likely to cause yourself the itchy, painful reality of constant hemorrhoids.

Another big, short-term problem a toilet stool can solve is constipation.  With a large build-up of feces in the lower intestines, pinching off the colon with your Puborectalis muscle will make life miserable when trying to defecate.  Those who deal with chronic constipation are huge advocates for a toilet stool.


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Traditional toilet and bidet

The next best way to turn your toilet from peasantry to royalty is to add a bidet to it!  Historically speaking, the bidets appear to have been invented sometime in 17th Century France, although no exact date or inventor is known or acknowledged.  Not that they were anything related to “toilet accessories” then.  The earliest mention of a bidet in historical records is in 1710 in Italy.  Back then, they were separate of the toilet in what looks like a sink that’s as tall as a toilet.  But how did they work back then?

By sitting on the bidet in the opposite direction, a user (females mostly) would take the running water from the bidet faucet and splash-clean themselves by hand.  While today’s health standards might be turning in their proverbial graves, this level of cleanliness wasn’t something everyone had in the 17th century.  Bidets in France (and later Italy) until the 19th Century.

Flash forward to 1980s Japan, where the world saw the introduction of the electronic bidet toilet seat.  They were made as an accessory to the toilet simply by adding the bidet to the toilet you already have.  No need to purchase an all-in-one toilet/bidet.  Instead, you can have the luxury of a bidet for a fraction of the cost.

Which leads us to today’s bidet toilet accessories.  While price may vary, the task they accomplish does not and here are some of those tasks.


Like providing you and your family with a more hygienic lifestyle.  Bidets not only clean your unspeakables but they promote a healthier lifestyle in general.  For example, they’re great for reducing hemorrhoids (like toilet stools do) and for helping treat them, rather than continuing to wipe with toilet paper after toilet use.

To put this into context of hygiene; if you had feces around your mouth, would you simply wipe it off with a dry piece of paper?  Of course you wouldn’t!  You would clean that with water and probably soap.  So why on earth would you treat your hindquarters the same way?

Additionally, many electronic bidets have self-closing and opening seats and lids.  This promotes a more hygienic setting in your bathroom if you have small children, dogs, or cats.  Plus, a closed lid looks significantly more tidy than an open one.

In our survey, which took answers from mostly Western countries, only 8 percent owned a bidet.


Along with the health and hygienic reasons, the next biggest benefit to using a bidet toilet accessories is for environmental reasons.  A basic-level bidet attachment can cut down on toilet paper consumption by 75%!  All that would be needed is to pat dry following the use and if you pick up a bidet with an air dryer, you can virtually eliminate toilet paper from your house.

By cutting down on toilet paper usage, you’re already being the environmentalist you knew you could always be by saving trees.  Now if we could just get everyone to use a bidet, we could cut out a lot of wasted and unneeded paper consumption.


Environmental savings can equal fiscal savings too!  By cutting down on 75% of your toilet paper consumption, you cut down on 75% of the money you spend on toilet paper.  While water consumption might rise slightly, it would never be able to offset what you save in toilet paper.

You can also cut out funds for hemorrhoid cream and other medicinal purchases that a bidet can cut down on.  Seems like a no brainer here!

Attachment/Hand Held Bidet

The easiest and most cost-effective way for you to get a bidet is with a bidet attachment or hand held bidet attachment.  While these bidet attachments lack in the amenities department for toilet accessories (once you see the seats, you’ll see what we mean), they still accomplish the task at hand.  Here are a few of the best options available.

toilet accessories bidet toilet seat attachment
toilet accessories 36737

Toiletops’ Choice – Luxe Bidet Neo 320

If you’re looking for a fantastic first bidet, look no further.  If you’re replacing an old one, you’re also in luck!  Yes, the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 is a bidet that impresses in both price and in features.  For a bidet attachment like this, it’s fully loaded.  It has rear AND front wash, cold AND warm water, and is sleek and stylish.

The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 comes with an 18-month warranty, giving you plenty of calm when making the choice for a new bidet attachment.

Toilet Seat Bidet

The bidet toilet seat is the crème de la crème of bidets, let alone toilet accessories.  A top-notch bidet seat can get you everything from a heated seat to an automatic opening and closing seat, and beyond.  Most have air-drying features and multiple washes, turning your toilet into a spa for your lower parts.  Here are some we think you’ll find exemplary.

toilet accessories bidet toilet seat 8324
toilet accessories 88585

Toiletops’ Choice – Brondell Swash 1000

We’ve reviewed the Brondell Swash 1000 before and can reaffirm it is a great choice for a bidet toilet seat.  It has every major feature needed like front/rear wash, air dryer, and heated seat with the ability to control temperature, nozzle position, and spray type at the push of a button.  Yes, the Brondell Swash 1000 can do pretty much whatever you ask it to.

The only question is why haven’t you picked one up yet?  Toilet accessories like a bidet toilet seat up your luxury game from amateur to pro.

Toilet Area Storage

Storage isn’t something you would traditionally claim is “luxurious,” however, we believe otherwise.  And while it might not be what would be traditionally thought of as toilet accessories, they serve a purpose around your toilet.  Have you ever been in someone’s bathroom that was a cluttered mess?  Do you find your bathroom is an unsightly disaster that could be mitigated by a place to put everything? Ever run out of toilet paper on the toilet?

Remember, a clean and tidy home is a happy home—and the same goes for your bathroom and toilet.

Over The Toilet Storage and Etageres

One of the best ways to add storage capacity to your bathroom and toilet space is by adding an over the toilet storage shelf, or an etagere.  An over the toilet shelf can easily clean up any spare items that need a home like towels, feminine products, or lotion (or perhaps some of your other toilet accessories).  Or, its shelves can be decorated to compliment the interior design of your bathroom.  Or you can use it for both!

toilet accessories bamboo over the toilet shelf etagere
toilet accessories 75675

Toiletops’ Choice – Bamboo Etagere

This beautiful over the toilet shelf from Target Marketing is a beautiful and functional etagere for home use.  It has the storage space needed to hide whatever you need to and a shelf to put any type of decorative pieces or candles.  Bamboo is a great option for moist environments too, because it repels water better than standard wood.

If you need something that looks good and functions well, along with a sturdy build, then this is a great option for an over the toilet storage shelf.  Check out more here!

Extra Toilet Paper Holders

Another great storage option for your toilet area is an extra toilet paper holder but perhaps not for the same reasons we just mentioned.  You may not think of this as traditional toilet accessories, but we can justify that.

Ever used the toilet without toilet paper left on the roll?  Ever have that happen with no extra toilet paper in reach?

That’s where an extra toilet paper roll holder comes into play.  Never again leave yourself in a tough situation with your pants at your ankles.  Don’t let that same thing happen to unsuspecting house guests and family members.  Prepare yourself for a seemingly incalculable (knowing when your toilet paper roll will end) and have backups ready.  You never know when you’re going to need it.

Toilet accessories don’t have to be attached to your toilet to be valuable, as you probably figured by now.

toilet accessories extra toilet paper holder
toilet accessories extra toilet paper holder 3

Toiletops’ Choice – InterDesign Orb TP Holder

InterDesign has a good reputation for a wide variety of bathroom and home decorative and storage pieces.  Their Orb Toilet Paper Holder is a good neutral choice for many bathrooms.  The canister covers the toilet paper up, preventing any splashing if you want to keep your extra TP in close proximity of the toilet.

At a cheaper price, this extra toilet paper holder is nothing short of quality.  You’ll be sure to enjoy having extra toilet paper close by the next time you’re in a pinch.  Check out more here!

Extra Large Toilet Seat

Have a little more around the hips?  Then an extra large toilet seat could be an excellent option for you if toilet luxury is your objective!  Comfort and luxury go hand-in-hand, right?

An extra large toilet seat can make an excellent addition to your toilet accessories.  Many hold well over 300 pounds, offer a service area double of their standard cousins, and have nice contoured edges for added comfort.  They can also be used in conjunction with bidets and other toilet accessories too!

toilet accessories oversized toilet seat
toilet accessories oversized toilet seat 543

Toiletops’ Choice – Big John 1-W Extra Large Toilet Seat

The Big John 1-W Extra Large Toilet Seat is the premier oversized toilet seat on the market.  With a maximum weight capacity of 1,200 pounds, the 1-W can handle anything you throw at it.  You’ll also see its contoured edges and its reinforced hinges, making the Big John line of extra large toilet seats both stable and durable.

These Big John extra large toilet seats are easy to install and provide you the stability you’re looking for in a wider toilet seat.  Check out more here!

Dual-Flush Converter

If luxury in toilet accessories to you is peace of mind, then a dual-flush converter is perfect.  You can go one step further of the bidet (which cuts down on paper use, if you remember) and cuts down your flush amount by 50%!

Dual-flush converters are easy to install toilet accessories and doing so pay for itself in just a few months’ time.

Think about the idea of saving 50% of your water per flush and 75% (or more) of your toilet paper use at once?  Talk about the calming nature of luxury and environmental awareness!

toilet accessories dual flush converter 234
toilet accessories dual flush converter

Toiletops’ Choice – Danco HydroRight

Converting your toilet to a dual-flush toilet is a breeze with the Danco HydroRight dual-flush converter.  The look of the flushing mechanism looks good and can blend into most bathroom environments.  The HydroRight has ways to monitor leaks and saves 50% of water consumption per flush!

If saving water is your thing, the HydroRight is your flusher.  It will pay for itself in under a year and cut down on your water bills beyond that!  Check out more here!

toilet accessories infographic

We’d like to give a special thanks to the Reddit folks in /r/CrapperDesign, /r/Bathrooms, /r/Toilet, and /r/Plumbing!  We know they care about toilet accessories as much as we do.