TMS Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Etagere Review

TMS Bathroom Etagere feature imageLast Updated on April 13, 2021 The TMS Bathroom Etagere features one of our favorite designs for an etagere.  This wooden-cupboard/cabinet hybrid of an etagere holds a lot in a small package. These are built strictly around functionality and don’t work in all toilet spaces like the other bathroom etageres we’ve looked at.  It’s dimensions are tighter than more.  That said, it is a very unique design and is sure to impress potential buyers and those on the market for a new bathroom etagere.

But what makes it worthy of your choice?

Buying Points


As stated above, the TMS Bathroom Etagere is built for functionality and sacrifices on looks a bit for it.  It has a nice white finish and the wood is quality.  No cheap particle board here and the finish helps keep it in good shape.


Storage, and more so in a compact form, is a big selling point of the TMS Bathroom Etagere.  It conveniently hides extra toilet paper as well as providing toilet paper holders for use.  This is a good option for those on the market for more than just an etagere, but perhaps an extra toilet paper or main roll holder.


The build of the TMS Bathroom Etagere is quality but it does require a good level of patience while putting it together.  This isn’t some generic Ikea furniture built with a couple of hinges and interlocking parts.  The TMS Bathroom Etagere is a solid piece and has a number of screws that keep it sturdy and stable.

Speaking of build, keep in mind the dimensions of this etagere as it’s more snug than most.  It’s overall much wider (34 inches) than most etageres (30-31 inches) so measure accordingly.  Its toilet clearance is also 31 13/16 inches high and 22 1/8 inches wide.

Overall Thoughts


  • Small, compact shelf
  • Extra TP holders ready to be used
  • Great storage
  • Cabinet doors to hide personal or public items


  • Larger in width
  • Assembly Difficulties
  • Bulky


The TMS Bathroom Etagere is a piece that many will enjoy due to its compact offering and functional use. With the white finish, it’s sure to be welcomed in most bathrooms.  While it’s a big larger in width and has some delicate sides to it, the shelf is built to satisfy.  This is highly recommended among any bathroom etagere we’ve reviewed! Click here to see more on Amazon!