SmartBidet SB-2000 Review

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Last Updated on April 13, 2021 If you’re looking for an electric bidet seat that combines both functionality and affordability, it’s hard to go past the SmartBidet SB-2000. Made in the Republic of Korea, it provides the features you’d expect from the expensive Japanese manufacturers, but at a much more economical price. It always scores highly on reviews from Amazon and eBay, with most reviewers praising its variety of features, ease of installation and value for money.


  • All the features of more expensive models, such as seat warming and warm air drying.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Highly rated on independent review sites.


  • Warm water stream limited to around 30 seconds.
  • No remote control.

SmartBidet SB-2000 Bidet Toilet Seat
  • VERSATILE CLEANSING OPTIONS: Personalized wash functions for front, back, and targeted oscillation.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE WATER EXPERIENCE: Adjust water pressure (5 levels), temperature (3 levels), and nozzle positions (5 levels).
  • SMART HEATED SEAT: Enjoy warmth with 3-level heated seat and skin sensor for safe activation.
  • EFFICIENT WARM AIR DRYING: Choose from 5 levels for a paper-free and comfortable drying experience.

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Core Features

Nozzle Position

The SmartBidet SB-2000’s cleaning function comes with three different nozzle positions to suit every situation. The “for her” position is designed for feminine cleaning, and the “for her back” and “for his back” positions are designed for posterior cleaning. Each position also has an oscillation function, providing a softer and more relaxing back-and-forth spraying motion.

Water Temperature

The SB-2000 has 3 water temperature settings providing the right level of comfort for every person. Unlike some of the more expensive models which provide a continuous heated stream, the SB-2000 only provides a stream of warm water for around 30 seconds. This should be enough for most situations. However, you may occasionally need to wait for the water to recycle and warm up again to be certain of a perfect wash.

Heated Seat

The SB-2000 has a heated seat with 3 temperature settings making it perfect for early winter mornings. Take the newspaper or a book with you and you might find yourself spending half an hour or more enjoying the toasty warm seat. The seat warming feature can be turned off in warmer months to save on energy costs.

Warm Air Dryer

The SB-2000 has a five speed warm air dryer. Combined with the bidet cleaning function, this completely eliminates the need for toilet paper, making it both practical and environmentally friendly.

Retractable, Self-Cleaning Nozzle

The SB-2000 has a retractable, self cleaning nozzle to ensure each wash is completely sanitary. Combined with a water refresh cycle that starts when you first sit down, you can be sure of a perfectly clean wash every time. Like regular toilets, the seat and nozzle area will require occasional cleaning and disinfection.

Safety On/Off Skin Sensor

The SmartBidet SB-2000 has a safety sensor that requires someone to be sitting down on the seat for the bidet functions to work. This ensures that the seat will never overheat. It also ensures that curious children don’t start playing with the toilet and accidentally make a mess that you’re going to have to clean up.

Energy Saving Mode

The SB-2000 has a low power energy saving mode which powers down the functions when they are not in use, making it a good choice for people looking for an economical bidet. Running costs for this bidet shouldn’t be more than a few cents per week.

Soft Closing Lid and Seat

You no longer have to worry about a loud bang every time someone closes the lid or seat. The SmartBidet SB-2000 has a soft closing lid and seat which ensures smooth and silent closing every time.

Built-In Control Panel

The built in control panel attached to the right side of the seat has large, easy to press buttons which are color coded, making it a great choice for families with young children or for the elderly. One criticism of the SB-2000 is that it doesn’t come with a remote control unit. In reality, the control panel is perfectly sufficient for most people. However, if the lack of a remote control is a deal-breaker, you might be interested in the SmartBidet SB-1000 model.


The SmartBidet SB-2000 may not look quite as refined and luxurious as some of the more expensive Toto models, but it certainly doesn’t look cheap. The White Alpine plastic seat is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.


The SB-2000 comes with a standard one year warranty.


The SB-2000 is a universally designed toilet seat which can attach to almost all “elongated” style toilets on the market. It is not designed to attach to “round” style toilets.

The easiest way to determine whether you have an “elongated” style toilet or a “round” style toilet is to measure the distance from the rear of the seat (the place where it attaches to the toilet) to the front tip of the seat. If this distance is less than 18 inches, it is most likely a “round” style toilet. If the distance is greater than 18 inches, it is most likely an “elongated” style toilet.

As long as the toilet is “elongated”, you should have no problems attaching the SB-2000, which means you’re not just limited to having bidets in your house. You can attach it to the toilet in your RV, the toilet in your caravan or even the toilet in your yacht.

The SmartBidet SB-2000 is designed to attach to a regular toilet, which means you don’t need to hire a plumber to install it for you. In most cases, installation should take less than ten minutes. All you need to do is attach it to your toilet, connect the hose to your water inlet pipe, and plug it in. It comes with an “A” type two pin plug for use in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan, and requires a 120V, 60Hz power supply.


The SmartBidet SB-2000 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, cheap and easy to install electric bidet seat with all the functions of the more expensive models.

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