Mrs. Bidet Spray Attachment Review

Mrs.Bidet White Spray Attachment For Toilet Complete Kit
The Mrs. Bidet Spray Attachment is a fascinating addition to the bidet attachment landscape.  The main reason for that?  Unlike more common bidet attachments, it’s completely detached from the toilet’s frame and is completely free-hand!  A hand held bidet gives users incredible control over their cleanliness and can often be more effective too.

The Mrs. Bidet spray attachment simply fits onto the incoming water line where it meets your toilet’s tank.  Simply attach the splitter valve you get with the bidet and you’re all set and ready to begin using the Mrs. Bidet Spray!

Since many of us don’t have bidets of any kind, this is a great first step for the curious buyer!

Our Opinion

The simplest way we can say this is that the Mrs. Bidet Spray is a fine bidet attachment for your toilet and toilet space.  While is has its faults at times, Mrs. Bidet will still hold up in overall purchase factors.

It’s built with solid materials and recently they’ve a new hassle-free shut off valve.  And the trigger has a new locking feature which prevents negligent discharges around the toilet.

From a build and material standpoint, this bidet is solid.  Perhaps a bit too solid.

The stream from the Mrs. Bidet Spray is can be managed to be either gentle or a bit more firm.  For a hand-held bidet, this is a nice touch.  The spray itself is nice as well.  It doesn’t feel like you are using an old sink sprayer or a comparable device.

Instead it’s more spacious and not nearly as pressurized.  You can get a glimpse of how that stream visually looks below and how it appears to be much softer than expected.

The last major point is that the Mrs. Bidet has a strong history of success and customer support.  MANY Mrs. Bidet owners have come back for second and third purchases because they’ve had them for a couple years or more without any breakdown.

Like any good piece of equipment, routine maintenance and preventative care will take this bidet from average price to high-value.

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The Mrs. Bidet Spray Review Details

Let’s go through some of the points that make this bidet one to consider if you’re on the market for a new one!


The Mrs. Bidet gets decent marks from us on price based on the product you’re getting overall.  It’s fairly on par with average bidet attachments and does the same job.

What makes the price more worth what you get is the free-hand capabilities of the Mrs. Bidet, which you can also make note of in our overall score.  This is because the bidet seat attachments at this price point simply don’t give you the features this one can out of the box.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Bidet is shining away in all her glory.

Take for instance that the average toilet bidet attachment at this price is only going to have one setting–rear wash.  You get no ability to switch over to feminine wash.  Now I don’t know about many of you out there, but a front and rear wash can be a crucial buying point.  Perhaps even the most important one.  That’s what sets the Mrs. Bidet Spray apart from its competition, because it simply outperforms them and does it most often at a less expensive price.  But can it help reinforce that price by putting more money back in your pocket (trick question, duh it can!)?


When it comes to savings in the world of toilets, it usually boils down to two types; water and toilet paper.  Because the Mrs. Bidet Spray isn’t going to necessarily save you money on your water bill, you’ll have to look elsewhere for savings.  You’ll also have to factor in the slight increase in water expenses potentially too.

Where you can find some savings is in toilet paper expenses and in two ways.  One is because bidets are meant to cut down on the sheer amount of toilet paper you use in your household.  Think about the number of sheets of toilet paper that were probably still usable but got tossed away with the rest.  Those are dollars and cents that can certainly add up over the course of a bidet’s lifetime.

Not only are you cutting back there but you’re cutting back on how often you have to physically use it.  We’ve all been at that breaking point before, too.  No more wiping and wiping and wiping hoping something changes soon because you’re starting to feel some pain.  That ultimately always leads to a complete waste of toilet paper, not to mention you sore hind-quarters.  Instead, you simply wash away the left-over fecal matter and pat dry with a small amount of toilet paper.  That’s it.  Nice and easy.

New Features

This version of the Mrs. Bidet Spray comes with a few extra perks that provide a little more bang for your buck, so to speak.

As we mentioned earlier, this version of the Mrs. Bidet comes with a hassle-free shut off valve.  The valve is designed this way to prevent any major leaks or flooding of your bathroom.  Whether it’s a small leak or a ruptured hose, the shut-off valve should prevent any major disasters from setting in.

The spray trigger’s new locking mechanism is nice too.  Due to the firmness of the hose, a locking feature on the spray trigger will cut down on messes as well.  Just be sure to lock it after each and every use because the last thing you want is a light shower, perhaps even though you already had one that day.

Read AND Front Wash

Oftentimes with low-priced bidets, you’re forced to go with a bidet that only has one option–rear wash.  Not that this is a horrible thing, mind you.  Rear wash is made to work for everyone and for the messiest toilet-trip we make as humans.  However, the Mrs. Bidet Spray is able to outdo them all by skipping the bidet seat attachment and going with the hand-held option.

A bidet that comes with rear and front wash capabilities are generally more expensive.  It’s the nature of the beast; you build out more functionality in a bidet, you put in more cost.  But the beauty of the Mrs. Bidet is that by keeping it simple, they’ve more or less reinvented the wheel with a low-cost bidet option.  That also leaves you room for front wash because you can use the Mrs. Bidet however you need!

Extended Nozzle

Rather than going with the traditional bidet spray design (you know, the one that looks like the sprayer at your sink), the Mrs. Bidet fashioned a longer, extended nozzle.

Due to the angle in which uses of the Mrs. Bidet will take, the extended nozzle provides some extra reach where you need it most.  Rather than do a dance or intricate balance act, you can easily reach you hind-quarters without so much more than a lift of a cheek.  While hand-held bidets still have their challenges in use, the Mrs. Bidet does what it can to be as ergonomical as possible.


As you might guess, installation of the Mrs. Bidet Spray is far better than it’s competition.  Nearly all attachable bidets are going to be attached to the toilet seat hinges and lock into place there.  This requires more time, more risk for errors, and more headache.

What you can see to the right is the only part that has to be installed onto your toilet.  Installing this piece breaks into a few steps: 1) turn off your water supply 2) attach valve splitter 3) turn water back on.  That’s essentially it.

This is the reason we give high marks to installation for this bidet attachment.  However your needs are in the home, you’ll be able to handle the installation of this bidet no problem.

Dixon Valve TTB75 PTFE Industrial Sealant Tape, -212 to 500 Degree F Temperature Range, 3.5mil Thick, 520" Length, 3/4" Width, White Mrs. Bidet Spray Pro Tip

Many owners of the Mrs. Bidet usually pick up a roll of sealant tape, similar to this offering from Dixon.  What this will do is seal up any potential leakage points around the splitter for your brand new bidet.  Be sure to snag this if a Mrs. Bidet or any bidet attachment is on your radar.  You don’t want to be the victim (self-inflicted of course) of a bathroom flood inside your bathroom.


The Mrs. Bidet Spray, for its cost, is definitely a recommendable bidet for home use.  It can provide bidet options that others can’t at this price because of its free-hand capabilities and is much easier to install than bidet attachments that go underneath the toilet seat.

While you might run into some potential durability issues in the future, some might never deal with any problems.  In the end, most of those problems may be expected when looking at a bidet that can match the features of a high-end bidet but at an affordable price.  As a result, you’ll get a more useful bidet without a large upfront investment.

We would highly recommend the Mrs. Bidet Spray attachment!