Kings Brand Etagere Freestanding Shelf and Organizer Rack Review

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 The Kings Brand Etagere is a simple, yet classy design.  It’s comprised of one shelf with an elegant design that graces the peak visual areas of the etagere.  While simple in design, it also has the potential of being a quality piece for you and your toilet space.  We will run through some of the basics of this etagere versus over bathroom etageres and focus on what gives it that potential.  Things such as look, storage capabilities, build, and more will be covered here!

Let’s take the plunge!

Buying Points


A simple design, built for the need for a simple solution. There isn’t much else to say about space saving toilet shelves such as these. The faux marble finish top is a nice touch to the overall look of this shelving unit and does feature some nice accent designs in the metal frame.



Speaking of that “marble” finish, thankfully this bathroom etagere has a flat surface to work with.  Some metal bathroom etageres can be loathsome to decorate.  If you’ve ever tried putting a small vase or picture on a metal grill of a shelf, you know what we mean.  You will also get a nice little magazine (or whatever you want to put in it) rack, which adds a bit more storage.

You won’t get much on the Kings Brand Etagere but it will serve its purpose well.


kings brand etagere marble topThe build quality on the Kings Brand Etagere is good.  It’s seems stable overall.  It’s also not a high bathroom etagere so you’ve no need to fasten it to the wall to prevent tipping.  This is great for difficult landlord rules or an inability to fasten a taller etagere to the wall.

The fake marble top will be subjective, really.  Some will be ok with it, others will turn their nose up to it.  It suffices as a surface to place items on but if looks are your main focus, then a place mat or equivalent surface cover may hold you over if you like the overall size/look.

The metal is fine in the build, however, rust can be an issue.  With the close proximity to your toilet and potentially your sink as well you should be prepared.  Pick up some rust remover just in case.

Overall Thoughts


  • Inexpensive (if on sale)
  • Simplistic design
  • Easy assembly


  • Faux marble can be a bit of a turn off for the experienced eye.
  • While easy to assemble, some design troubles may occur that can frustrate a bit.
  • May run into rusting issues.

Kings Brand Etagere Consensus

Simple is a word that comes to mind when describing this shelf, so I’m going to grant it that adjective. It’s inexpensive, simple, and has what you need to complete the task you purchase it for. While some clearly cheap-looking parts of this could leave a sour taste, this is a great choice for toilet space saver shelves at this price. Click here to see more on Amazon!