You Don’t Need Golden Toilets To Have Great Toilets

It would be pretty sweet…but you don’t need this to have great toilets.

By now you’ve seen the rounds of pictures coming out of the Guggenheim Museum.  Of all the great toilets to ever exist, the golden toilet is the proverbial “king’s throne.”  Be that as it may, there is something very special about this golden toilet the Guggenheim Museum recently unveiled.
If you’ve not seen it, please do yourself a favor!  This is one of the most golden things I’ve seen next to jewelry.  But the most impressive thing about this toilet isn’t that it’s 18 karat gold.  It’s not its smooth corners or the fact that it’s gold from wall to floor with no imperfections.  No, it’s none of those.

It’s the fact it’s fully functional!

Artist Maurizio Cattelan replaced a fourth-floor toilet with the functional piece of art that allows all of us the chance to do their business on rare metals.  This toilet is a toilet built for kings and queens and the filthy rich.

The rest of us are using the regular toilets instead.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have great toilets anyway, right?!  We can all replicate the feeling of sitting on a golden toilet without actually having one.  Plus, there is NO way I’m putting this tacky gold thing in my bathroom.  Not to say I wouldn’t take it and build my bathroom AROUND the toilet.  But I can’t take this thing now.

Comfort or look upgrades can make you the great toilets we all deserve.  Remember, you sit on this thing every day!

For those looking to improve their toilet experience, why not look into replacing that rickety seat you might have?  Great toilets can be made with the addition of a toilet seat cushion or an oversized seat to start.  This gets you feeling comfortable from the get go.  It also improves your entire mindset when squatting down.

Or why not improve the look with a nice Lace or Stone toilet lid decorative applique to tie the toilet to your bathroom?  Looks are psychological thing, why not use it in your favor to calm your mind?

There are a number of decorative or functional additions you can make to your toilet to give yourself the personal toilet experience fit for a king or queen!


Photo credit: WILLIAM EDWARDS/AFP/Getty Images