FlushSaver Dual-Flush Conversion Kit Review

flushsaver dual flush conversion kit 2Environmental savings are becoming as important as monetary savings these days.  Dual-flush converters are lending themselves to this new initiative as both monetary and environment savings and the FlushSaver dual flush conversion kit is no exception.

Water Saver Products has been a leading provider of bidets, dual-flush conversion kits, and faucet converters since 2005.  While carrying a wide variety of products, their FlushSaver dual flush conversion kits have been a premier offering due to the sheer savings amount.

Our Opinion Overall

Toiletops.com has no major qualms with the FlushSaver as a dual flush converter option.  In fact, we recommend anyone give it a try.  It stands up to the task it’s built for and is a seemingly well-made product by a company that takes water savings very seriously. Unlike the Danco HydroRight, the FlushSaver has a little more variety for you to choose from.

The FlushSaver is available in 2 and 3 inch valve sizes and has a couple of different flusher styles; button or traditional lever flush (featured here).  This is great because buyers can choose a model that will fit any residential toilet valve size at 2 and 3 inches and designers can choose a lever that best fits their toilet.

Everything that comes in the kit is solid and feels durable in the hands.  The plastic is commercial grade and the FlushSaver has stainless steel parts as well.  As a factory-made product, everything in our kit came together and no parts were missing or ill-fitting.  All parts are inspected and separated in clear plastic bags for fit matching.  FlushSaver Dual Flush conversion kit 1
Keep in mind that products like these are considered a hygienic product and cannot be returned unless they are still factory sealed.  With a 1-year warranty, you’ll get the customer service you need to make sure FlushSaver dual flush conversion kit works for you.

The height is adjustable on the FlushSaver so getting size was no concern for our toilet (our guide on flush valve replacement steps here).  You’ll need to adjust the height of FlushSaver overflow pipe to an inch beneath your fill valves critical level line.  Outside of that, no major concern here.  No “absolutes” to follow, just be smart about your toilet’s tank size.

After getting the FlushSaver installed, it did take a little bit of time to be working properly.  Flushes were a bit hit or miss but eventually the converter started working properly after a couple days of use and adjustments.  Since then, it has worked without issue.

Overall, we give the FushSaver a thumbs up for purchase.  If you’re looking for a dual-flush conversion kit, you’ll have a great choice in the FlushSaver.  If you’re looking for even more details, see our detailed review below.

The Review

Let’s review some of the finer details and see what makes the FlushSaver a winning purchase.


Savings are by far the focal point of the FlushSaver or any dual flush conversion kit.  These savings are focused in two areas:

  1. Environment – It’s no question a dual flush converter saves water and is thus an environmentally conscious product.  As a product that is build for over 50,000 flushes, a conversion kit like the FlushSaver can preserve 10,000 gallons of water per year for an average family of 4.  Your toilet is the single-most water consuming product in your home, even more than your clothes washer or dish washer.  This is according to Environment Magazine as in August 2014.
  2. Monetary – With environmental savings comes fiscal savings!  Water-saving products are perfect double the savings.  You can save the environment by preserving water consumption and put money back into your wallet because of it.  That’s going to save you at least $20/year depending on where you live or how much water you consume.  For you urban-dwellers, you’ll likely save substantially more.


The price of the FlushSaver Dual Flush Conversion Kit is on par with most conversion kits.  When you think of the cost savings of adding a dual flush converter to your home toilet, the converter almost pays for itself in a year.  Anything after 2 years and you’ve essentially got a money maker in your toilet.  This will also beat the price of any dual flush toilet which can cost an outrageous amount.


As we mentioned earlier, the FlushSaver has a very durable feel to it.  The thick plastic appears to hold up well; we gave the FlushSaver a bit of a firm squeeze between our hands and saw no give or bending as a result.  The tank bolts that come with the conversion kit are also very solid.  The seals do a great job and are well-designed overall along with the flush lever and flushing cable.


Before jumping into installing this dual flush converter, please read the owners manual, inspect your toilet area and tank, and perhaps check out a few YouTube videos to of installations.  We like for individuals to be prepared for a task like this because while the installation requires little tools, you’ll want to be prepared for a slight challenge.

flushsaver dual flush conversion kit 3The installation of any drop-in dual flush converter is never as easy as is expressed.  We recommend have a wrench or set of pliers on-hand, in case you need some extra leverage in tightening the tank bolts.  Other than that, pay attention to the installation videos and guide and you should be set.

Make sure you have a bucket to catch water and towels keep your work area dry.  Prior to installing, you’ll need to turn off you water supply and flush the toilet.  While this clears a majority of the water in the tank, there will be some left over.  This is where the bucket will come into place because you’ll need to catch the remaining water left in the tank when you start removing the old valve.

Should you have any questions or concerns, there are a number of resources online to answer any question you may have.


The beauty of the FlushSaver is it has a few adjustable features that gives owners maximum control over their flushes.  You can Adjust both flushes, the overflow tube, and the flush lever.

The average flush is 1.6 gallons.  The half flush can go down to .8 gallons for your liquids-only flush.  That is obvious given its name.  However, if your toilet needs a bit more for whatever reason, you have the ability to keep the half-flush where you need it.  As for the full flush option, you can adjust that down to 1.2 gallons per flush.  That’s even MORE cost saving than simply having a normal flush and a regular half flush.

When it comes to flexibility, the FlushSaver delivers.

Final Thoughts

You can’t do much better than the FlushSaver dual flush conversion kit for your home toilet.  With a 1-year warranty, why wouldn’t you want to consider saving yourself some money and preserving the environment in the process?  A dual flush converter is a win-win and the FlushSaver is a fantastic choice!