easyGopro Toilet Squat Stool Review

easyGopro review feature imageIn our easyGopro review, we’re going to cover a litany of topics.  The easyGopro is a unique stool and is no stranger to the realm of toilet stools.  We have the usual suspects like the Squatty PottySquat-N-Go, and Step and Go, while others continue to innovate and help push the toilet stool capabilities forward.

You thought all toilet stools were the same?  tisk tisk

We feel these are the points which make that difference in the end and make it unique not only to toilet stools but to your bathroom and toilet experience.  So let’s jump into our review!

easyGopro Review Overview

As the folks at easyGopro like to say, “the invention of the toilet changed everything, the only problem was it didn’t change our anatomy.”  This line is great because it sums up everything that is currently wrong about pooping in western civilization.  The toilet is fantastic, but it does a number on our bowels.

This is what drove the founder of easyGopro, an Ovarian Cancer survivor, to come up with the toilet stool.  Due to the number of surgeries and treatments, she suffered through years of constipation.  When she noticed that elevating her feet was the only solution to her problems, she also realized that there were no toilet stools on the market that worked for her (a mom).

Enter the easyGopro which is made for adults with it’s stable foundation but caters to kids too!  No more dangling feet from your children, now they have a kids stool to step onto while adults can use the stool for its health reasons.  The elevated platform will also help you in your potty training efforts with your children by making trips to the bathroom more enjoyable and less uncomfortable.

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But kids can enjoy the health benefits as well!  Children aren’t immune to things like constipation or prolapsing so the stool helps them as much as it helps their parental counterparts.  The easyGopro is a winner for the entire family to use and benefit from.  Let’s the finer details of this toilet stool and our easyGopro review!

easyGopro Review–The Details


The easyGopro Toilet Stool has a very nice design to it overall.  It’s not too big or too small.  It’s simple in its design and curves nicely around the toilet, giving an even platform to put your feet on.  It also has a nice clearing underneath so standing gentlemen may slide their feet under to get close to the toilet.  That is on a need be basis of course.

As we mentioned above, the design of the easyGopro was done so with children in mind.  It’s a kids stool as much as it is made for adults.  Some toilet stools like the Step-N-Go toilet stool don’t have a platform that children can step on as well.  Other stools do have an area for children to use too but none are as wide or as stable as the easyGopro.
purple easygopro in a purple colored bathroom

The easyGopro toilet stool likely has the widest variety of colors to offer as a toilet stool.  This works out great for shoppers to get the right fit for their bathroom.  Outside of white, you can find them in green, pink, and purple which is featured above.  Talk about catering to the kids stool market as well as the adult one.

These easyGopro toilet stool was also made in America.  A good mark in our book.


Stability is a strong point for the easyGopro.  It holds up to 250 lbs and has a nice surface area for footing.  Given the space between the two legs of this toilet stool, that is strong!  While it’s not like the stability of the Beyoung Toilet Stool, which holds 330+ lbs, the easyGopro is above average in strength.

Along those lines, the strength of the easyGopro means you won’t need to worry about picking up a second kids stool.  It’s a 2 for 1 deal.

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A nice feature for the easyGopro toilet stool is that unlike the Squat-N-Go, it has a wrap-around platform which is great for not only adults, but children too.  They’re able to use the entire platform as they wish, rather than finagle a two-footrest toilet stool.  Thus, it’s a kids stool too!

easyGopro being used by a childThere are also rubber inserts on the bottom of the toilet stool which help prevent slipping.  This adds even more to the overall stability, which again is high with the easyGopro.  However, these have been known to be loose from time to time.

Sizing It Up

Calling this a European design, the easyGopro toilet stool takes a simple approach to their toilet stool.  It’s designed to be not too big and not too small.  Compact and capable.  It stores well under the toilet too.  The platform is wide enough to do the job but small enough to hide away.

The easyGopro touts a one-size-fits-all toilet stool approach.  Their one size, 7.5 inches, covers everyone from an average height and shorter (e.g. the average American male is approximately 5 ft. 9 inches and for women approximately 5 ft 4 inches, according to the CDC).  While this approach is fine, taller individuals or taller toilet owners may not like the lack of height or options.

easyGopro angle of proper usageAs we highlighted in our overview of the best toilet stools, the optimal angle between upper legs and torso should be 35 degrees.  The shorter the individual, the better a shorter stool works.  This can be a deterrent for the easyGopro Toilet Stool simply because it just can’t meet everyone’s needs.  But overall, it’s fine for 80+ percent of the globe.

Get back to pooping the way we were meant to–like we’re out in the woods!

easyGopro Review–Final Thoughts


The easyGopro toilet stool is a simple and straightforward toilet stool that is both sturdy and compact.  As a smaller package, it has the likeliness to fit into any bathroom and work for many customers.  The multiple colors lend hand to that too.

It’s also great for the family and can be more widely used unlike other toilet stools of its caliber.  It can be used as a kids stool so the dangling feet issues can be whisked away as easily as working to relieve your constipation or other pooping-related ailments.


The smaller platform for your feet could be an issue for big and tall folks.  In fact, this toilet stool probably wouldn’t be ideal for the heavier or taller individuals out there.  This unlike some of the competitors whose stools can still work for larger people regardless of height.  Outside of that, this toilet stool is great for your entire family!

easyGopro Review–Opinion

To conclude our easyGopro review, we highly recommend this toilet stool to anyone on the market for one and who has a family.  This is likely the best family toilet stool due to its accommodating platform, proper size, and color options.  Don’t let your family strain over poos or dangle their feet ever again!  Pick up the easyGopro toilet stool today!

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