Christmas Toilet Paper For Your Christmas Bathroom!

Christmas toilet paper with Christmas trees or Santa Claus or a snowman!

With the holidays right around the corner, Christmas fanatics will be gearing up to decorate their bathrooms in a slew of holiday garb.  If you made it here, that means you’re on the market for some Christmas toilet paper art that will fit your Holiday Bathroom!

While mostly decorative in nature, the Christmas toilet paper you will see below are still functional.  I’d recommend having backup, normal toilet paper close by for house guests.  Some of these are made in 3-ply, however, the softness could come into question.

While not being the softest, this decorative toilet paper is still usable!

Typically made with soy-based ink, all of these toilet paper rolls are safe to use.  Completely safe for skin contact.

And isn’t that what TP is for?

Overall, you will find these TP rolls fit to fill any tp holder from now until January (unless you’re one of those that keeps the lights up until June).  Whether you’re into a snowman theme, a Santa theme, or reindeer theme, you’re sure to find a good choice here.











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