Choosing An Extra Toilet Paper Holder

Last Updated on April 13, 2021

If you’ve ever been caught with your pants down and needed an extra toilet paper holder near by, this page is for you.

The last thing any of us want to experience, or let someone else experience, is a “no TP” scenario. However, you can look here to solve that problem.

To help guide you through the selection process, we will cover some essentials to keep in mind when choosing your extra toilet paper holder.

Like any purchase in this world, there’s a lot to take into account–especially when it comes to staying organized and decluttered in your bathroom. Even if it’s something like an extra toilet paper holder. Maybe you’ve never thought about it that hard? Maybe you’ve experience problems with them before? No matter either way, we are here to organize those potential pitfalls and help you make the right decision.

Best Extra Toilet Paper Holders

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Styles To Choose From

The look of your new extra toilet paper holder should be ready to blend in like it has always been a part of your bathroom.  You wouldn’t put plastic in your stainless steel bathroom just like you wouldn’t put hubcaps on your BMW.  The point is, style is a major feature to keep in mind while browsing for a new TP holder.

Spectrum Diversified Euro Toilet Tissue Reserve, Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Roll Holder, Satin Nickel

Euro Reserve Toilet Paper Holder

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Some holders are simplistic in their design, relying only on build quality and a minimalist look. That happens to be the euro style of extra toilet paper roll holders. The style, whether a regular wall holder or extra roll holder, is an open-ended design making roll changes a breeze.

You’ll see through your browsing that they can look as simple as a couple of metal rods to slide the TP onto or as creative as this Giraffe Euro Style TP holder. The idea of this holder is to provide the backup support you’re looking for in a small package. These holders are generally very small and your only concern is the width of the roll itself. Most hold 3 rolls and gel with most bathroom designs.

iDesign Twigz Metal Toilet Tissue Roll Reserve Organizer for Bathroom, Compact Organizer, Holds 3 Rolls of Toilet Paper, Bronze Modern Reserve or Basket Style Holder

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Another very common style is the basket or modern reserve style holder. Just to be clear, the term “reserve” can be used to describe other TP holders. However, the term most commonly shows up in the basket-type holders. The most notable look of the basket-style toilet paper holder is the open design for easy access.

Most, if not, all of the extra TP holders you see in this style will come in a modern design that is made from a metal like steel which is then wrapped in chrome.

Zenna Home 7666ST, Toilet Paper Canister, Chrome Extra Toilet Paper Canister

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The canister toilet paper holder is a great option for those wanting to add a TP cache close to the toilet. Many of these extra toilet paper holders are made from plastic but some can be metal or other materials as well. They typically come with a lid and are rounded to accommodate the toilet rolls specifically. And they can also come in sets with a toilet brush and brush holder.

Canister TP holders are also one of the more popular choices for folks on amazon. Here are a number of reviews, mostly positive, of the Zenna Canister to the right.

The major benefit to these types of extra toilet paper holders is that it completely removes the visual of toilet paper from your toilet site. Some people might think that looks tacky and others probably just prefer the canister style of toilet paper holder. One thing is certain and that is that these are a great option for extra toilet paper holding.

iDesign Forma Toilet Paper Holder for Bathroom Storage, Over the Tank - Satin

Over The Tank Holder

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Likely the cheapest option of any extra toilet paper holder, an over the tank or side of tank toilet paper holder is also a great option. It slides into your toilet space with ease and generally without getting in the way. Typically made from a chrome-plated metal, these TP holders typically clip onto the tank of your toilet and come shipped in one piece. For quick assembly an application to your toilet.

As far as looks go you will have a couple of options to choose from. Some are much like the Euro Style TP holders we saw earlier and others resemble the modern holders as well. Some are more elegant than others but you can’t go wrong with choosing an extra toilet paper holder that clips onto your tank. It’s the right price and the right size and the right ease of use.

Zenith Home Corp E9153WWMV Country Cottage Toilet Tissue Cabinet, White Extra Toilet Paper Cabinet

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One last option to look for is the cabinet style of toilet paper holder. Many of these cabinets have a number of features like a tissue holder on the top or shelves and drawers to organize other useful products. This makes them a great option for convenience. Most are made from wood and come in a variety of individual styles to choose from. Be careful on wood selection here, there are obviously plenty of faux-wood choices to be made.

The look of cabinet toilet paper holders tend to blend in the best with most bathroom and toilet surroundings given the elegant nature of their look. The style you choose will depend on the amount of space you can dedicate to a cabinet like this. some are very small, just wide enough to hold the toilet paper and a small box of tissues. others can be rather long and feature drawers which further maximizes your toilet and bathroom organization.

Overall Selection Points

Functionality or features isn’t typically a major concern when shopping for an extra toilet paper holder. As standalone products, they generally do what they look like they are going to do. That said, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Open or closed

Are you hoping to hide your TP rolls out of plain site? Are you aiming for a holder to gel with the overall look or does it matter? This may not be a concern for you until you consider our next point.

Toilet Proximity

How close do you plan on keeping your extra toilet paper holder to the toilet? Are you aware of potential splash-back issues from the toilet? When men urinate into a normal toilet, there will be splash-back. The taller the male, the worse it could be.

THEREFORE, you wouldn’t want your exposed toilet paper sitting next to the toilet where it’s in proximity of toilet water or urine splash. You also may not want a cheaper TP cabinet that uses poor quality wood or materials. Moisture can spoil improperly treated wood.

Available Toilet Space

I made mention of space while discussing the cabinet toilet paper holders. As you can see, some are made much deeper and come with a lot more added value. So pay close attention to your toilet space and if you can fit something that will hold more, why not?


How many spare rolls can the holder store? Most are going to hold only 3 but larger storage boxes can hold entire packages of TP.


An extra toilet paper holder is essential to completing a full bathroom and toilet set-up. Not only that, but it prevents a potentially dicey situation you or your loved ones.

No one or their house-guests should be left out on an island in an embarrassing situation, crying helplessly for someone to bring you a spare toilet paper roll. Instead, utilize the latest designs to keep yourself and your guests in the clear and never in a panic.

Here we have a list of the best and bestselling extra toilet paper holders out on the market. Many are beautiful, some are functional, and some are a combination of both. But see for yourself and browse through this list of functional and decorative extra toilet paper holders below!