The Best Black Toilet Seats, Round and Elongated

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 In today’s toilet seat market, a black toilet seat is undoubtedly a popular option for any and all bathrooms.

This is most likely due to the offsetting black color to the white porcelain which makes the seat pop as much as it blends into your bathroom.  Or because you have a black toilet.  In any case, a black on white bathroom scheme is a solid design and easy to throw together without much upfront investment.  The template for creating a bathroom in this style is usually widely available too, especially for those in rental units.

Below we’ve laid out 6 black toilet seats for your review; 3 round seats and 3 elongated seats.  The 6 options you see here are also highly rated and readily available for purchase.  What you’ll need to do is consider things like price, material, and other features that will make your toilet seat the toilet seat of your dreams.

Our Top Choices

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The Best Black Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-4636-7 Cachet Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat, Black Black

Kohler Cachet Black Toilet Seat 

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We at Toiletops oftentimes favor functionality over image, however, our choice today is one that needn’t compromise on either.  If beauty and practicality can meet to truly balance both sides of the equation, we are all for it.  That is why of the black toilet seats you see below, our choice is the Kohler Cachet model seats for both round and elongated toilet seats.

For functionality, look no further than the Cachet’s quiet-close hinges which prevent slamming.  A slow closing toilet seat should be a priority.

With a simple nudge, the seat will bring itself to a close in order to reduce noise.  This reduces the risk of pinched fingers (children) and increase your ability to keep a hygienic bathroom in order.

By keeping the seat closed more, you reduce your child’s chances of touching something unspeakable.  You also keep your dog out of the toilet bowl, for those this applies to.

While the Cachet toilet seats are plastic, they aren’t a flimsy, under-handed attempt at a toilet seat.  This is a thick, durably built toilet seat.  The toilet seat cover fits flush over the seat, which makes the lid durable to sit on top of.  Because what good is a toilet seat and lid if you want sit atop it like a chair?  Have you ever sat on a toilet seat cover that doesn’t fit flush on the seat?

We don’t recommend that.

That same picture also shows off the Quick-Release functionality of the toilet seat.  This means you can easily pop it off and clean along with your toilet.  When it comes to a good deep clean, this is an ideal option to have.  The task of removing the toilet seat as a whole is less of a worry due to the Quick-Release feature.

You could do much worse than the Kohler Cachet black toilet seats in either round or elongated models.  And we at approve the Cachet as the number one black toilet seat option on our list!

But if you don’t want to take out word, we to have more. Let’s see what some of the other best-selling black toilet seats on the market are!

Round Black Toilet Seat Options

Comfort Seats C1B4R2-90 Deluxe Molded Wood Toilet Seat, Round, Black

Comfort Seats C1B4R2-90 Round Toilet Seat

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The first black toilet seat on our list is a black wooden toilet seat from Comfort Seats and is model C1B4R2.. This highly-rated toilet seat is made from a specially formulated wood composition which not only reinforces the seat but increases the durability of the seat.  This also helps the wood handle the wear and tear of regular use.

With a strong, wooden foundation this seat is then finished with a multi-coat surface finish to provide a beautiful, ever-lasting image.  It’s quite flashy and shimmers beautifully in the light.  While we at prefer matte finish, the high-gloss finish of this toilet seat is excellent.

The toilet seat is easy to install, corrosion resistant, and features self-aligning hardware. The bumpers on the seat provide a decorative look.

The hinges are factory-installed to provide a flush alignment between cover and seat.  Be that as it may, any breakdown of this toilet seat will likely occur here.  But overall, the chances of that are fairly low and unlikely to sway your decision given the price.

Pricing for the Comfort Seats C1B4R2-90 is among the lowest on our list.

MAYFAIR 841EC 047 Toilet Seat will Never Loosen and Easily Remove, ROUND, Durable Enameled Wood, Black

Mayfair 46EC Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat

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Here we have the Mayfair 46EC model toilet seat in black. This well-regarded toilet seat is a fantastic option for anyone on the market looking for a new black toilet seat. It’s made with durable molded wood which helps prevent the seat from splitting.  Splitting is typically a symptom of solid wood, however, cracking and other issues occur in molded wood.

The finish resists chipping and scratching over the course of its use.  It’s also provides a beautiful sheen on the seat and cover which blends well with any black or white porcelain toilet seat.

The hinges are a high point of consideration with this seat. They are Easy-Clean & Change designed, which means they are built for easy cleaning and swapping for new hinges. Because many people don’t deep clean their toilet seats, this is a nice feature.  Even more specifically, it’s good to remind people to do deep cleanings!

The Mayfair 46EC fits all manufacturers’ round bowls in the US and Canada and is made in the USA.  The price of the toilet seat is one of the cheaper on our list of black toilet seats.  Check out pricing above!

KOHLER K-4639-7 Cachet Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Round-front Toilet Seat, Black Black

Kohler K-4639-7 Cachet Quiet-Close Round Toilet Seat

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Rounding out the last of the round black toilet seats is the Kohler Cachet model in black. It’s also our choice for the best of the black toilet seats on our list.

Unlike our previously mentioned black toilet seats, this seat is made of a solid polypropylene which is resistant to staining, fading, chipping, or peeling.  The seat is also much lighter than the molded wood models and is likely to last much longer.  Kohler’s Cachet toilet seat is also not painted, rather the material itself is colored in black.

The seat is a quiet-closing black toilet seat, making it a top option to This is because you’ll not only protect your nerves from slamming noises but you’ll close your seat more.  Because of this, you will increase hygiene and safety in your household.

The Kohler Cachet models are made to fit most one and two-piece toilets and are engineered to insure a proper fit.  The seat also has quick-release functionality, much like the Mayfair model, which allows the seat to be easily removed and cleaned.

Elongated Black Toilet Seat Options

Bemis 1200SLOWT 047 Slow Sta-Tite Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat, Black, 18.75 x 14.00 x 2.31 inches

Bemis 1200SLOWT Toilet Seat

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First on our selection of elongated black toilet seats is the Bemis 1200SLOWT model. Bemis is a company that is no stranger to the realm of toilet seats.  Founded in 1901, they are known for a wide variety of plastics products made to fit your bathroom, your local healthcare provider, or your custom needs.

As its model-name alludes to, this black toilet seat is a slow-close toilet seat. The seat is built in a resilient plastic with molded-in color which helps the slow-close functionality of the seat.

If it were wood, a slow-close feature would have a cost associate with it due to the weight.

Like we mentioned earlier, the slow-close feature makes the seat prone to a more hygienic lifestyle because you’re prompted to keep your toilet seat closed more often. If you have children, you also lessen the chance of pinched fingers. Ouch!

The seat is easy to install and remove thanks to the Sta-tite seat fastening system. It also never loosens over time and the hinges can be quickly changed as well.

KOHLER K-4636-7 Cachet Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat, Black Black

Kohler K-4636-7 Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

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The Kohler Cachet model is back on our list, this time the elongated black version. This seat is again, another fine option for those looking for an elongated black toilet seat for their home. The seat is also made out of solid polypropylene and has molded-in color to preserve the lifelong-coloration, rather than just a paint job.

It features many of the same perks as the round Cachet model, even the same coloration types this model comes in. It has quiet-close functionality (a must-have option) which eliminates slamming.

The seat has the quick-release functionality for easy removal and cleaning while it’s also chip-proof, fade-resistant, and peel-proof. The elongated design should fit any US or Canadian elongated toilet seat.

While the cost of the Kohler Cachet seats is a bit high, the benefits and features are well worth the consideration.  While not only being beautiful and elegant but the soft-closing and quick-removal features add a lot to that package. considers the Kohler Cachet toilets a top consideration.

Comfort Seats C1B4E290 Deluxe Molded Wood Toilet Seat, Elongated, Black

Comfort Seats C1B4E290 Wooden Toilet Seat

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The last of the seats is this elongated black toilet seat from Comfort Seats (C1B4E290 model). This is the only elongated black toilet seat made with composite wood on our list. That said, it’s a fine elongated black toilet seat to consider.

The multi-coat finish provides a great level of beauty to the seat and is long-lasting and durable. The hinges are factory installed and keeps the seat and cover aligned with one another.

The seat is easy to install and overall is an attractive black toilet seat for you to consider based on its excellent price and overall reliability.

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