Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 Review

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A bidet may not be the first bathroom facility on your list when it comes to personal hygiene or reducing environmental waste – but this review will show you why, exactly, it deserves a place at the top. But, to be perfectly honest – the Bio Bidet BB 1000 is not just a bidet.

It’s an electronic bidet toilet seat – the first approved by the WRAS. Which means that the instant impression it delivers is accessibility.

And accessibility is king. I doubt anyone reading this is keen on overcrowding their bathroom with the bulky and expensive installation of an old-fashioned fixed bidet – I’m certainly not. And for those renting, just getting permission is its own adventure.

Instead, the Bio Bidet BB 1000 replaces the seat of a pre-existing toilet, hooks up and is ready to go in minutes. It has an unobtrusive, clean white design that doesn’t compromise on the most basic function of being a soft-close toilet seat – you’d be surprised how often that happens – and it manages to sneak an all-around heating element into the seat along the way.

So just slide on, hook up, and hit the power.

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Bidet Feature Breakdown:

Well, alright, then you’ve gotta figure out the wireless control pad – but I’ll just ruin the surprise and lay it out. It has a clear layout, with large and distinct buttons that cover the following:

  • Temperature: of both seat and water. Goes from room temperature to 104°F. The tank has the capacity for a minute or so of warm water, and takes up to three minutes to reheat.
  • Position: Adjusts the extension of the spray wand.
  • Posterior: The default cleansing wash.
  • Feminine: A gentler wash, to ease menstruation pain and help prevent problems such as UTIs.
  • Enema: A strong wash for stimulating bowel movements. Doesn’t move or pulse, as that would compromise its function.
  • Dry: A warm air vent to the side of the wand eliminates the need for toilet paper after a wash, and also functions as a deodoriser by pulling the air through an activated charcoal block.
  • Move: Begins a short back-to-front oscillation to expand the wash area.
  • Massage: Pulses the stream, with an adjustable strength.
  • Economy: Two settings. The first simply keeps the water at room temperature. The second learns what times it should warm up for use, after about a week of use.
  • Stop: An instant-cancel of the current program, larger than the other buttons.

And then after you’re finished, the spray wand automatically cleans itself and the deodorizer cycles on briefly. Any settings you’ve adjusted will stay in memory, and are indicated by LEDs next to the buttons.

The unit itself also has compact basic controls on the side – for posterior, feminine, and stop commands.

So, that’s what it does – what’re the benefits?

For everyone: The first and most basic function of the Bio Bidet BB 1000 is to do something that toilet paper can’t, and actually clean, rather than ‘pick-up and smear’. That’s a pretty big plus on the hygiene front, and even if you dry with a little paper, it’s still saving on the sheer amount going down the drain – which is an even bigger plus when it comes to the environment.

Speaking of which…

The Environment:

The average family goes through over 100 rolls per year – that’s 50lbs of tree flushed into the sewer. Yearly production of toilet paper is around 31 billion rolls made from 10 million trees. Cutting down your use, cuts down on cutting down of trees that would be cut dow–alright, that joke’s getting away from me.

Why You Need A Bidet Like This

For women: Half of women will suffer through at least one UTI – and menstruation pain is a monthly concern. The improved hygiene of the Bio Bidet BB 1000 helps prevent the former, and the warm wash offers relief no matter the situation.

For alleviating bowel problems: There’re a lot of problems that can keep you stuck on the toilet seat for far too long, whether from nothing happening, or it just being painful. Like a toilet stool, a bidet helps quickly relieve those problems hygienically and naturally.

For the elderly: Everything above applies when it comes to the easy and consistent hygiene benefits – and a few other features help make it as user-friendly as possible. The seat pressure sensor will stop automatically if the user’s weight is removed, the secondary controls help if the control pad is out of reach or is dropped, and the seat has a hydraulic lid that slowly closes.

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Conclusion

As for reliability and durability – I can’t personally say much, but reading over a lot of reviews from other customers, it seems to be pretty hard-wearing, and the manual gives it a weight limit of 300 pounds.

So, I hope this helps show why a bidet is a pretty great choice – for personal hygiene and the environment – and why the Bio Bidet BB 1000, in particular, makes a great case for upgrading your bathroom.

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