How The Bidet Benefits Us All

There are few ways better than using water when it comes to cleaning. From our homes, cars, kitchen utensils, to our bodies, water seem to have an endless list of uses. Because of its effectiveness and how comfortable it is to our body, it is a much better option everywhere, especially during toilet use. That’s where the hidden bidet benefits lie.

The use of toilet paper in cleaning the most sensitive part of our bodies has a lot of downsides. This trend is changing with people now frequently going with bidets even as they become more aware of their health and wellness. The bidet, in many ways, serves as an updated version when it comes to the use of toilet paper on our most sensitive parts. The cleansing effect is soothing, leaving you feeling cleaner after use.

The use of toilet paper has been proven ineffective, unhygienic, and irritating to our sensitive areas. Though it is hard to come across any scientific evidence stating that one post-poop cleaning method is better than another, it doesn’t require much thinking to realize that cleaning with toilet paper leaves residues of stool and bacteria.

Bidets are widely available across most developed countries and is used commonly in homes in Japan and Europe, but not as much as in the US. It offers many excellent benefits to its users as well as help in protecting the environment by decreasing the amount of toilet paper used.

Its benefits range from benefits for women, men, the elderly, children, environment to medical benefits

Below is more information on the benefits of using Bidets and we’ll also touch on some various bidet types as well!

Bidet Benefits for Men

Some types of bidets feature a posterior warm water wash that aids in reducing discomfort related to hemorrhoids and constipation. Truth be told, when it comes to cleaning, dry paper cannot be as effective as water; thus, it also serves as a means of improving the anal hygiene of men as using toilet paper leaves a residue of stool on your skin.  Some bidets also go as far as having a warm air dryer making the time spent on the sit all the more worth it.

Bidet Benefits for Women

Help women stay clean

Bidets such as the Swash bidet seat come with a dual-wand system, which leaves women feeling refreshed and clean. The warm water feature is a great help, especially during menstruation. Its soothing effect aids some discomforts associated with yeast infections, constipation, and irritation of the urethra.

During and after pregnancy, bidets also aids in soothing hemorrhoids, anal irritation, and other related discomforts. After intercourse, it can also serve as an ideal hygienic and comfortable cleansing method.


Bidets have been proven to be especially helpful during the menstrual period. Some people might think that menstrual flow is simply blood; this is not true; it also contains other constituents such as degenerated endometrial particles, cervical and vaginal mucus.

When menstrual flow comes into contact with the air, the bacteria present in the air act on it so that it decomposes, producing an overpowering scent. The feminine wash feature gently cleanses and washes the vaginal area clean, removing any odor to make what can be an unpleasant time of the month better. Also, the dual-wand system of some bidets helps in keeping the anal area clean.

Urinary tract and yeast infections

These infections can lead to the generation of unpleasant odor and itching. During treatments of these infections, the soothing effect of the bidet’s cleaning provides relief for their symptoms.


Bidets are also especially helpful during and after pregnancy for the following reasons:


Hemorrhoids are common in pregnant women because of the increase in weight gain. It comes with specific symptoms such as swellings, bleeding, painful burning sensation, and itching. The use of toilet papers during this time often leads to more irritation and worsens hemorrhoids. The air dryer and warm water wash features of some bidets help in keeping the affected area dry and clean without the need for the abrasive effect of toilet paper. This incorporation gives relief and comfort from the irritation and tenderness.

Lack of Mobility

The change of shape and increased weight gain makes it difficult and uncomfortable for expecting mothers to clean certain body areas challenging to reach properly. The bidet has provided an excellent solution for this problem with its dual-wand system, capable of cleaning the feminine posterior regions.

Good hygiene before and after delivery– during the pregnancy period, cleanliness is essential. Women experience a lot of physical and psychological change and need all the help they can get to maintain their hygiene. They undergo and experience water breaking and loss of amniotic fluid and loss of mucus plug. A bidet is a tool that helps to significantly improve the hygiene of women during pregnancy with its gentle cleansing wash for the genital area.

After birth, the body undergoes another massive change, especially during the first few weeks after giving birth, such as the uterus sheds its lining, manifesting as bleeding. This bleeding is referred often to as lochia. Lochia usually lasts for a period of 10 to 14 days, though sometimes it could last for a period of up to a month or six weeks after delivery. Exceptional cleanliness is needed during this time, which can be aided by the bidet. It can still be used even with your baby on the arm or when you are sleep deprived.

Bidets are also useful in providing a soothing effect on perineum bruising, swelling, and other complications. It is also capable of delivering excellent urinary hygiene as some pregnant women may experience delivery-related bladder problems due to trauma in delivery.

Bidet Benefits for the Elderly

There is always the problem of dependence of the aged when it comes to toilet matters. Bidets have been designed to be easily operated and can provide them with almost complete freedom. Those with arthritis, mobility problems, and fecal or urinary incontinence now have adequate means of meeting their bathroom needs. This takes away the indignity that comes with relying on others on such matters.

Urinary incontinence is a lack of control of one’s ability to urinate, and it is quite common in older people. 10% of people who are 65 or older are known to experience this problem. Bidet provides an easy and quick means to stay fresh and clean the situation urinary incontinence.

Bidet Benefits for Children

Children sometimes may have difficulty when it comes to self-cleaning after use of the toilet. Bidets provide a mean to stay thoroughly clean, and it makes them more aware of the benefits of cleanliness.

Medical Benefits

In cases of loss of permanent or temporary loss of mobility, which can be frustrating and painful and can make the performance of daily functions awkward and embarrassing, tasks such as making proper use of the bathroom become an issue. A bidet benefits many of those who have lost that mobility.

Arthritis, broken bones hernia, rectal surgery, and Dupuytren’s disease can lead to a partial or total loss of mobility. A large number of Americans experience conditions such as joint inflammation or arthritis, which can seriously impair movements.

Bidet is a perfect solution to self-cleaning in times or the situation of such problems that severely reduces motion. It restores some comfort and dignity by enabling them to use the toilet by themselves.

Hemorrhoids occur when veins protrude and swell around the anal region. It is accompanied usually by itching, painful burning sensation swelling, and sometimes bleeding. Many Americans, especially those between 45 to 65 years, suffer from hemorrhoids, and more than half of the population, have experienced this condition at one point in their lives.

Bidets provide a means of relief without the need for surgery, unlike toilet papers that worsen the situation with their abrasiveness. In cases like those who make use of toilet papers, they dread going to the toilet and tend to avoid going for a long time leading to further complications.  On the other hand, bidets offer comfort by providing relief to symptoms of irritation with its warm water jet and warm air dryer.

General Comfort

The use of toilet paper after using the dry toilet can be rough and abrasive to the skin, and this is far from pleasant. Some people have susceptible skin that can easily be irritated.This problem can be solved by the use of the warm water wash of bidets with its soothing effects that keeps you feeling as clean as possible. For other cases like anal prolapse, anal fissure, and other problems in this area, the bidet is the best choice for keeping yourself clean. The use of toilet paper in these conditions might prove to be painful.

The temperature of the bidets’ water system can vary with the intensity of the water stream and the direction of the water wash. This allows you to get maximum satisfaction in soothing irritations and prevent further inflammation and discomfort that can result in rough pressure or rubbing. For some people, itching is a big problem; this is because of the residue left by the use of toilet paper. The use of bidets can eliminate anal itching and help them feel a whole lot better.

Skincare is essential for people with conditions of incontinence. However, the use of conventional toilet papers leads to dry skin and irritation due to abrasion.  With bidets, these patients can undergo multiple washes without expressing skin abrasion or discomfort.

Incases of Crohn’s disease which leads to a considerable irritation and inflammation of many parts of the gastrointestinal tract and lead to the frequent use of the toilet, bidets can also serve as a better and effective way of cleaning in other to avoid the irritation caused by the use of toilet papers.

Environmental Benefits

The world is becoming more aware of the importance of environmental protection. The amount of toilet papers used worldwide is a topic that has sparked various arguments. An estimated 54 million trees are cut down in other to keep up with the massive demand for tissue paper. Also, the process of production of toilet papers requires a large amount of energy, water, and energy. There is the question of how long can we go on maintaining this demand and the damage it does to the environment.

To explain this in detail, take, for instance, Americans make use of 34 million rolls of tissue paper per day. This usage places enormous stress on the environment that is not in line with the world movement of environmental protection. The use of bidets is capable of cutting down the use of toilet papers by as much as 75%, which can have a significant positive impact on the environment.

Some people argue that the use of bidets consumes an enormous amount of water. However, this is not true as there is an even higher water consumption of water with the use of toilet papers.

Reduce Plumbing Problems and Prevent Clogs

A lot of home plumbing problems can reduce with the use and benefits of bidets. It can help in preventing clogs in your sewer pipes. The use of toilet paper is closely related to the clogging of sewer, and the less the amount of toilet paper used, the less the clogging. Bidets can help you achieve this as it uses water for is cleaning process instead of toilet paper, which means less amount of toilet paper goes through your sewer pipes and, therefore, less clogging. Solving some clogging problems requires the calling of a professional plumber that can be costly, and this can be a big hassle. A bidet can, therefore, reduce the cost of home maintenance.

Save Money and Reduce Your Household Waste

As written above, the bidet is an excellent way of saving yourself some money. Though a little amount of toilet paper might be used to dry yourself after using the toilet, this is only a fraction of the usual amount used without a bidet. Thus, the use of a bidet reduces the amount of the typical toilet paper you purchase in its absence. Bidets also go further in saving you money in the long run by reducing the amount you spend on toiletries.

Final words

Why use toilet paper alone when the bidet offers so much more. It is vital to check out for the various types of bidets out there to see which one suits your needs best. From a lot of perspectives, using a bidet is a smart choice.