Beyoung Bathroom Toilet Stool Review

beyoung toilet stool feature imageLast Updated on April 13, 2021 The Beyoung Toilet stool is a newer player in the toilet stool arena but no amateur.  This toilet stool competes with the major toilet stool brands and also offers its own great features. We’ll give you our thoughts on various aspects of the stool as well our overall thoughts on this great stool from Beyoung LLC.

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We feel the look of the Beyoung Toilet Stool is a little more practical for most bathrooms in comparison to stools like the Squat-N-Go.  It’s a full platform for your feet, fits flush with most toilets, and it’s curves are a nice design overall.

As you can see in the picture, the Beyoung Toilet Stool fits close enough to the toilet to easily allow standing by gentlemen using the toilet.  You may have to stand a little awkwardly but proximity counts here too.  The closer, the better.

The look of the Beyoung LLC Toilet Stool is nice overall.  The subtle curves give it an elegant look among your bathroom’s furnishings.  It resembles stools like the Squatty Potty, however, provides a practical foot space underneath for stepping close to the toilet.  Again, proximity is key.


Portability is something the Beyoung Toilet Stool claims on Amazon, but we wouldn’t say it’s portable, at least not in comparison to the Squat-N-Go or even a basic stool.  I guess it’s more about the stool being easy to carry, but I’m just not seeing it.

Maybe Beyoung is aiming more for placing it off to the side of the toilet when not in use but again, there are some good options our there for a toilet stool to stow away.

Anti-slip Feature

This is something that differentiates the Beyoung from some of its competition.  Many of the toilet stools on the market don’t address a potentially slippery situation between the toilet stool and the floor.  If you’ve ever sat on a plain plastic chair on a tile floor, you know what we’re talking about.

While this won’t be a must have for all toilet stool customers, it is a good buying point to keep in mind.  Especially if you have a very slippery bathroom floor.  This is also a point that leads to its slightly bigger price tag.

beyoung toilet stool faveolate design imagesFaveolate Design

By reinforcing the Beyoung Toilet Stool in a faveolate design under the platform, the Beyoung LLC can hold up to 330lbs!  It’s an incredibly strong stool, while still being made from a plastic material.  If you don’t know what we are referring to, the design is the square “holes” you see underneath the base of the toilet stool.  This reinforces the stool’s strength, making it one of the strongest stools in the game.


Another feature that certainly warrants its price tag.

Sizing It Up

The only size the Beyoung LLC Toilet Stool comes in is 8 inches.  It’s unfortunate because most competitors have different size options.  However, 8 inches is a perfect middle option between them.

The average toilet stool offering is around 7 inches.  The Squatty Potty, Squat-N-Go, and Step and Go all offer a 7 inch base model.  The easyGopro comes in at 7.5 inches.  And the Squatty Potty and Squat-N-Go offer 9 inch versions.

directions on how to use the beyoung toilet stool

The Beyoung Toilet Stool is essentially the average height in toilet stools, which makes it a great choice for the average human height.  The average American (as example) male is approximately 5 ft. 9 inches and females approximately 5 ft 4 inches (CDC source).  We’d say anyone taller than 6’2″ might want to consider another option if they need a taller stool.  Remember, you want to hit the target 35 degree angle between your spine and thighs so your toilet stool needs to have the appropriate height.

Final Thoughts

The Beyoung Toilet Stool is definitely a contender in the toilet stool market, if it can sell it’s features for the price tag.  We feel the value is right for what you get, especially for larger folks or folks with slippery floors.  It can fit right under nearly any toilet and can be easily navigated around.


This toilet stool is sturdy.  The Beyoung has the sturdiness of a wooden toilet stool at a much smaller price tag.  That also makes it much lighter and more manageable around the bathroom and toilet space.  Care for the Beyoung LLC Toilet Stool is also much easier then too.  It can easily be hosed down or lightly scrubbed and it should be good as new.

It also has its anti-slip features and comes in at 8 inches, making it great for the average human.


It’s definitely not a portable toilet stool of any kind.  While the price tag might be worth it, it is certainly overpriced among the stools in its class.


While the price tag on the Beyoung LLC Toilet Stool is a bit higher than it’s competition, it comes with good reason.  It’s a very stable toilet stool and it’s anti-slip rubber bottoms are a nice touch.  It hugs the toilet enough to stay out of the way of “number 1” users.  And at its 8 inch height, it should be able to find a place in most homes! If you’d like to compare, check out our list of the best toilet stools to see how it stacks up!