The Best Wooden Toilet Seats And Ideas

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 This list was put together to get a better understanding of what is available for the best wooden toilet seat models.  That and for those looking to buy a toilet seat.

While perhaps not the most popular model of toilet seat, wooden toilet seats are an excellent option for your home bathroom.  They are significantly more elegant (in our opinion) and have a resounding sturdiness to them.  They come in a variety of different wood types and varying design types.

Our list is broken into two groups; round and elongated.  This way, you can see what choices match your home toilet’s shape.  Click here if you want to jump to elongated toilet seats.

Best Round Wooden Toilet Seats

Comfort Seats Oak Round Toilet Seat Feature Image

Comfort Seats Designer Oak Toilet Seat

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We’ll start with one of the best selling wooden toilet seats that can be easily added to your home.  That is the Designer Wood Toilet Seat from Comfort Seats.

With Comfort Seats being a premier toilet seat provider, it’s no wonder they kick off our list first.  They provide a number of options to those looking to buy a toilet seat at any time!

The wood of this Designer seat is hand-selected for both the look and the strength of the wood.  It’s made with real, solid wood all the way through.  This is unlike some of the other options out there which can sometimes be a molded or pressed wood.

While each version (molded or solid wood) has its benefits, they each have their own drawbacks as well.

The multi-coat finish gives the toilet an incredible sheen and also seals up the wood.  This is important because the seat is solid wood.  Solid wood and moisture tend not to mix over the lifetime of the wood.  Care and routine checks on the toilet seat should be happening regularly.  This will help you catch any wear, cracking wood, or warping.

This toilet seat is well-crafted overall and is crafted with a flat seat, opposed to a crowned seat top.  We personally prefer a more contoured seat but for the wooden toilet seat, this isn’t too bad to sit on.  Just make sure you’re not spending TOO much time on the toilet.

The stainless steel hinges are corrosion proof and made to avoid rust.  This makes for a great toilet seat in the long-term due to the sheer amount of moisture in the bathroom.  However, many of the problems the consumers have with this toilet seat is because of the hinges.  Be wary of this or you can always go and pick up a new set to replace the stock hinges with.

The oak is closer to a white oak than red.  The seat will likely be a little lighter in person but overall, this is a great wooden toilet seat for anyone looking to buy a toilet seat!

Mayfair bamboo round toilet seat

Mayfair Bamboo Toilet Seat

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Many popular options for the best wooden toilet seat models are made with bamboo wood so it’s no wonder why they make our list of the best wooden toilet seats.

Because of its marriage to water, this and other bamboo toilet seats can thrive where other wooden seats might fall short.  Their wood density is much higher than other wood types, which naturally protects the wood from moisture in the air.

You can’t let it sit in water or anything like that, but natural moisture in the air won’t do the normal damage it would to a traditional wooden toilet seat.

Crafted by Mayfair, this toilet seat is a stunning addition to your toilet and bathroom.  Everything from the coloration to the material to the craftsmanship, this is a high-value seat if you’re looking to buy a toilet seat.

The bamboo of this toilet seat has a rich color to it, much darker than you might typically think for bamboo due to it’s darker finish.  The deep color also adds a touch more elegance to it as it nestles its way into your bathroom’s softer features.  The joinery of the wood is very nice as well.  Being able to see each piece of wood as it fits the overall puzzle lends itself a certain level of appreciation.  The edges are then smoothed to the touch.

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The hinges are classic non-tarnish pieces and made from nickle.  They are of good quality too because you won’t get the greenish stain marks around the porcelain where the hinges meet the seat.  The nickle is a good look too because chrome or brass would likely not accent the bamboo as well.  The nickle isn’t near as shined and gives the seat a more rustic look, whereas something like chrome or brass would likely pop and take away from the beauty of the seat itself.

You can’t go wrong with bamboo for a best wooden toilet seat!

comfort seats mahogany round toilet seat

Comfort Seats Mahogany Toilet Seat

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Our next choice is another Comfort Seats product, this time the Mahogany Toilet Seat.

We here at figure that variety is the spice of life.  Why shouldn’t the same go for your toilet seat’s wood?

Because toilet space isn’t valuable enough?  Puh-lease!  An elegant AND functional toilet space is essential for a healthy and calming lifestyle!

As you can see, the decision to put it on this list makes complete sense.  This wooden toilet seat is beautiful.  Period.  If you’re looking for a fantastic-looking toilet seat, you’ve found it.

The mahogany oak used to make this toilet seat has a deep, rich color to it.  The joinery is lovely and the gloss finish embellishes the grain of the wood.  The hinges are stock brass hinges but are available in chrome hinges as well.   We think this best wooden toilet seat option has the look of a top-notch seat and is relatively affordable.

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Like most Comfort Seats wooden toilet seats, it comes with a one-year warranty to relieve any potential buyer’s remorse.  Any early splitting problems or hinge issues can be quickly swapped out for a brand new toilet seat.  In order to prevent damage to your toilet seat, be mindful that water and wood don’t mix.  Protect your seats proactively or buy them sealed already.

Best Elongated Wooden Toilet Seats

comfort seats oak elongated toilet seat

Comfort Seats Designer Oak Toilet Seat

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Kicking off our elongated wooden toilet seats list is the Designer Oak Toilet Seat from Comfort Seats.  It’s about as traditional a toilet seat can get but that’s no bad mark.  No, let us assure you this is a quality wooden toilet seat that deserves a little attention.

As you can see, the coloration of this toilet seat is classic due to its wood type.  The wood is white oak.

It’s then sealed in a piano decorative finish which gives a nice gloss over the entire seat and lid.  It’s not nearly as loud (visually) as the Mahogany seat we looked at earlier but perhaps that is what you’re looking for?

This seat is molded wood, which is great for durability and quality when choosing the best wooden toilet seat.  Molded wood is essentially a mixture of ground wood particles and heated thermoplastic resin.  It’s then pressed into shape, finished, and then the hinges are factory-installed to wrap up the construction of the seat.

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The quality of this toilet seat is great.  It’s less likely to split like some wood toilet seats can and reduces the cost a bit as well, thanks to the molded wood.  A lot of folks might be turned off to the idea of molded wood but in our opinion, the difference is practically unnoticed.  The only folks who are going to know if you bought a molded wooded toilet seat is you and your household.  The seat generally has high regards in this area but the hinges might be a different story.

Overall, this is a great starting option to consider as you look for the best wooden toilet seat.  It’s reliable and won’t deplete your trust fund in order to purchase it.

comfort seats zebra bamboo elongated toilet seat

Comfort Seats Zebra Bamboo Seat

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We can’t have a list of the best wooden toilet seat options without mention of a bamboo toilet seat.  Here we have another Comfort Seats option that is immaculate in its design.

Once again, bamboo is a solid wood choice for a toilet seat due to its strength in high-moisture environments.  If you forgot, it’s because of its high density!  This seat is solid bamboo, no molded wood seats here to have concern over.

The term “excellent joinery” quite undersells the work done on this toilet seat.  The Zebra joinery design pops between the two different bamboo type; blond and rattan.  This seat is also available in all-blond or all-rattan versions.  Both of these options are less expensive than the Zebra design.

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Quality-wise, bamboo is generally less of a worry than most other wooden toilet seats.  It will likely last significantly longer than the average wooden toilet seat.  Also like with average wooden toilet seats, the hinges will be the most likely place for your problems to occur.

topseat elongated toilet seat feature image

TOPSEAT Art Of Acryl Toilet Seat

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A last option for you to look for is something a little more decorative in its inception.  Enter the TOPSEAT Art of Acryl toilet seat.

Now I know you might be thinking, “why is this seat on the list?”  Well, it’s to open up an idea to you as a consumer on the market looking to buy a toilet seat.

The reason for that is that while this looks like any old wooden toilet seat, the lid and seat are made with molded wood and finished in white.

The only part of the seat that looks like this is the top.

The top is simply an image finished in a high-gloss lacquer.  The image itself is very high definition in order to give the appearance of a wooden toilet seat that is made from old rustic wood planks.

One thing that’s great about this particular wooden toilet seat is that it comes with a slow-close feature, something yet to make an appearance on this list.  Wooden toilet seats are generally much heavier and the slow-close feature is often passed over.  Not with TOPSEAT wooden toilet seats here.

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A great place for a toilet seat like this could be a summer or beach home.  Its rustic look and light-blue coloration place this seat in a context that smells like salt water and bbq.  However you put it, the look and finish of this toilet seat is very enjoyable.

A word of the wise, though.  TOPSEAT wooden toilet seats have been known to have quality issues.  Make sure you do your research if you feel this is the seat you are aiming for in your home bathroom.

Our Thoughts

No matter your toilet bowl’s shape, you’ll have no problem with any of the options listed here.  Regardless, you’ll have an idea of the style of seat you’ll be looking to purchase.

We personally like wooden toilet seats because of the added stability when you sit down on the toilet seat.  What good is a toilet seat if it can’t function like an actual seat?  In our experience, plastic toilet seats cannot accomplish this as well as wooden toilet seats can.’s position on wooden toilet seats is always to go the way of Bamboo.  It’s a safer option for your investment and are built to last.  Their overall look is a match for the money as well.