The Best Toilet Clog Remover

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 You know what they say, the only guarantees of life are death, taxes, and…clogged toilets?  Well, no.  They don’t say that.  But we all deal with a clogged toilet at some point in our lives but most assume there is only one option to use–a toilet plunger.  Sure, you can use that but sometimes a plunger just isn’t enough.  That’s why we’re highlighting the best toilet clog remover available and reasons you should pick one up.

Plungers and chemical remedies are easily the most popular ways to handle common clogs and blocks in your toilet.  However, there are folks out there who could benefit from a little bit of extra muscle (proverbially, of course) and they may not know what those clog removing options looks like.  Augers and air-compression plungers can fill that void and make your life a little easier in the process, pending the challenges you face with your toilet’s clog.

We’ll then cover the basics to prevent future clogs and blocks in your toilet, in case your toilet is prone to clogs.  These options can serve different purposes and clog sizes.  Be sure to choose the best toilet clog remover that will cover all the jobs you need it to do.

Traditional Plunger

Yes, the plunger is the go-to, standard toilet-clog reliever.  There are a myriad of options, styles, and looks when it comes to plungers but all of them should be able to dislodge a standard clog from human waste or toilet paper problems.

The beauty of the traditional toilet plunger, which it is alone in this point, is that it can be positioned near your toilet.  This way, and especially for your guests, you can plunge a toilet at a moment’s notice.  The same cannot be said for our other options, although, some of the others can handle bigger problems.

But if you’re concerned of an unsightly plunger around your toilet, most are decorative in nature.  This way you don’t have to place a decrepit, used plunger all alone by the toilet.  Instead, you can place it into a holder to then mask any filth on the flange.  The plunger is obviously a great start on our list of the toilet blog removing products.

simplehuman toilet plunger feature
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Toiletops Choice – simplehuman Toilet Plunger

simplehuman (that’s not a typo you’re seeing) is an excellent brand of home and bathroom products.  That goes without saying for their plunger as well.  Not only will it look great in next to your toilet but this thing does work too.  It’s a very effective toilet plunger and made to handle common to slightly larger clogs.

The efficient simplehuman Toilet Plunger is easy to access, easy to use, and the case secures itself around the flange to allow for drip-free carry.  This is a solid plunger for you!

Compression Plunger

One solutions you’ve probably never seen is an air-compression plunger.  If you have or are familiar with them, you’ll find they have a great place on this list.  They can handle better clogs than a traditional plunger and also have lateral use with sinks and tubs, along with toilets.  This makes them a fine option to add to your home toilet-toolbox.

Compression plungers operate like pumping up a bike tire or football, only they hold that pressure in place.  Once you get your desired build-up or pressure, you release the air through your pips using some kind of trigger mechanism.

The beauty of a compression plunger is it reduces the amount of elbow grease required for significant clogs.  Just pump it up and pull the trigger into a sealed connection between the plunger and pipe.  Should that not work, reload and use it again.  A great option on our list of toilet clog remover products to ease the required work to unclog your toilet.

baam drain blaster feature picture
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Toiletops Choice – BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner

The BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner is an excellent choice if you’re exploring air-compression plungers.  It comes with a few different adapters for your toilet, sink and tub-sized pipes.  The BAAM! blaster has a nice little trigger on it and it’s easy to pump up with air, similarly to an old Super Soaker or something comparable.

If you need something with a little more juice than your plunger, the BAAM! is an excellent choice!

Toilet Auger

The toilet auger is something that fringes on the professional side of toilet unclogging tools.  Next to having Roto-Rooter come out and snake your pipes, the toilet auger can cut through the strongest home toilet clogs you’ll encounter.

Like any manual auger, a toilet auger has a cranking handle to operate the drilling head of the snake.  You crack the head as you slide the snake through the pipes, which then contacts your clog.  From here, some aggressive cranking should be able to dislodge even the absolute toughest clogs.

The toilet auger is great for large clogs but also a great option for removing clogs in toilets that are constantly clogged.  If a toilet auger doesn’t get the job done for you, you’ll be calling yourself a plumber.  There are varying types of augers, most accomplish the same thing but if you need extra lift, try looking for an auger that you can use a hand held power drill with.

when it comes to toilet clog removers, the auger is going to be the one to tackle your biggest blockages.  Attack those clogs with confidence!

ridgid k-3 toilet auger feature picture
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Toiletops’ Choice – Ridgid K-3

The Ridgid K-3 Toilet Auger sets the standard in hand-cranked toilet augers.  Ridgid in general is a great brand and the “K” line of augers is no different.  It has a 3-foot snake which has a compression-wrapped core for extra strength.  The hand guards and grips are made from vinyl and there is vinyl around the tip of the auger to prevent scratches to your toilet.  It can easily negotiate any toilet on the market and any clog you’ll encounter.  A fantastic choice indeed!

Cutting down on future clogs:

To avoid needing a toilet clog removing product, you can look into a couple of different culprits:

Toilet Paper Consumption

Consider looking into your toilet paper consumption per flush if you deal with chronic clogs.  Perhaps an awkward discussion with a family member is in order?

One way to help cutting down on toilet paper per flush is to use a bidet.  Even a bidet without an air-dryer can cut down on 75% or more of your toilet paper consumption.  Simply having less toilet paper go down your toilet will cut down on pesky blockages from a weaker-flushing toilet.

Toilet Flush Capabilities

Speaking of weaker-flushing toilets, you may need to consider upgrading your toilet if you’re having chronic clogs.  One way to cut down on clogs is to have a toilet that has less of a chance of being clogged in the first place.  Or look into toilet’s with larger flushing valve diameters, which creates more of a vacuum per flush.