The Best Shower Base and Pans

Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan with Center Drain - Single Curb, Polished Chrome, 2-Inch PVC Drain and Plate Included, 48" Wide x 42" Deep

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 Your bathroom renovation just got a whole lot easier! We have compiled a list of the best shower base and pans that provide an easy solution to customizing your dream shower space. These options are durable, mold-resistant, with some including fun features like complete kits or even a bench.

They may as well go along with the steam generator or shower panel system you recently installed too.

There are several size options, and we answer some frequently asked questions at the end! With this list of shower bases, you are able to quickly and easily find an option that fits your renovation needs. We wish you luck on your project. Let’s get started!

Our Choices

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The Best Shower Base

DreamLine SlimLine 36 in. D x 48 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base in White, DLT-1136480

DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

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The DreamLine Slim shower base is a single piece made of acrylic. Single piece bases are great for easy installation with less headaches. This particular shower base is slip resistant, and boasts of its durability under high weight conditions. You will get to choose from a black or white base, as well as three different drain options: to the left side, the right side, or in the center. Several design options means finding a product that perfectly fits your renovation needs. Be sure to measure your space, as this product only comes in the dimensions 36in x 48 in x 2 ¾ in.

KOHLER K-1935-0 FBA_K-1935-0 Shower Base, 48-Inch x 36-Inch, White

KOHLER K-1935-0 Shower Base with Plumbing Equipment

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The Kohler Shower Base is also a single piece that is a great alternative to a tile shower. There will be a lesser risk for leaks with easier installation when you choose this shower base, and in a space where preventing leaks and mold is everything that’s very important. The Kohler shower base has a concrete core, which has a stable and durable feel. The reviews say this option is not slip-resistant, so be aware that you may need to purchase a coating for this product. There are two size options available: 48 in x 36 in, and 66 in x 36 in. As always, be sure to measure your space twice so you are sure to buy a product that fits your needs. The only drain option is in the center, and this product is only available in white.

The Best of the Rest

WOODBRIDGE Tileable Shower Base 60"x36" with Integrated Center PVC Drain, 36-Inch Depth by 60-Inch Width , Ready for Tile , SBR6036 Tileable

WOODBRIDGE Tileable Shower Base with Integrated Center PVC Drain

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The Woodbridge Tileable Shower Base comes ready for self-installation, as well as ready to be tiled with whatever design your heart desires. This is a great option for the DIY-ers out there who love the customized look of tile showers. The shower base is made of durable material, that is both scratch-proof and leak-free. This base has been tested to be able to stand strong under high impact weight conditions. The drain is the standard 2” pvc and is located at the center of the shower base.The Woodbridge Shower Base comes in black, with tile adhesives and flashing kits included. There are several size options available, which allows for a perfect fit in your bathroom renovation.

PROFLO PFSB3434WH Single Curb Rectangular Shower Pan (34" X 34") - For Alcove Installation

PROFLO Single Curb Rectangular Shower Pan

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The PROFLO Single Curb Shower Pan is a highly rated shower base that boasts of easy installation. While this option is not the best for our tile lovers, you are able to tile around the base. This shower base can be used for custom projects or used in combining a shower enclosure. One size fits all, there aren’t any custom options available for this product, as the circular drain is only located in the center of the base and the product only comes in white. This pan has 34 in x 34 in dimensions, so be sure to measure your space for the perfect fit! This product is highly rated so it is a great option for a quick and seamless renovation.

Swanstone R-3454-010 Veritek Center Drain Shower Base, 34-Inch by 54-Inch by 5-1/2-Inch, White

Swanstone R-3454-010 Veritek Center Drain Shower Base

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The Swanstone Shower Base is made of Veritek material that will not chip or crack. The Veritek material is resistant to slipping and mildew, as well as easy to clean. The drain is located at the center of the base with no other options available for that. However, the base is available in three shades of white and several dimensions. So that you are able to find a shade and size that best fit your renovations dreams.

Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan with Center Drain - Single Curb, Polished Chrome, 2-Inch PVC Drain and Plate Included, 48" Wide x 42" Deep

Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan with Center Drain

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The Redi Base Shower Pan is a single piece solution to rid you of your renovation pains! This shower base features a polished chrome coated cap drain, and boasts of easy installation. The drains are pvc material, and you have the choice of drain placement to the left, center, or right of the pan. This material is leak proof and durable for long term use. The polished chrome drain plate is included with this product, eliminating the worry of finding a drain plate that fits. You can tile this shower base, so that it is customized to fit the look of your new bathroom. The width on this product is 48in, but you are able to choose from a few different depths that fit your needs.

STERLING 72161100-0 36-Inch Shower Base Vikrell Center Drain, White

STERLING 36-Inch Shower Base Vikrell Center Drain

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The Sterling Shower Base is made of Vikrell material that can be easily installed by one person, cutting out any outrageous installation costs! This product was designed with a lower step-threshold, at just 3.5”, so the product is great for weakening mobility or the aging population. While this product is not customisable, it is straightforward. The drain is located at the center of this shower base, and this product is available in white. The product is a square 36in x 36in, so it is able to fit in most bathroom renovations.

Mustee 3232M Durabase Fiberglass 32-in x 32-in Shower Base, White

Mustee Durabase Fiberglass Shower Base

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The Mustee Shower Base is made of fiberglass material, which gives this base durability. It also features  a slip resistant surface to prevent falls. The drain is 2”, located at the center of the base, with the drain pipe being made available in three materials: ABS, PVC, or iron DWV. The surface is coated with a semi-gloss, which makes the Mustee Shower Base resistant to mildew and easy to clean. This product is designed to be used with Mustee’s other shower products, so you are able to let go of any stress regarding mix-matched products. This product can be tiled to fit your custom bathroom dreams! However, the kit must be purchased separately.

The Best Shower Base With Bench

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Kohler K-1977-0 Tresham Shower Receptor, White

Kohler K-1977-0 Tresham Shower Receptor 

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If you’re looking for the best shower base with a bench built into it, the Kohler Tresham Shower Receptor is perfect for you. It is made of acrylic material and comes with an 18-inch seat that is a perfect comfortable height for most people. The seat is also undercut, allowing for additional storage. This is a great option for the aging or eldery population, as the shower base has a low-threshold step. The drain is located on the left side of the shower receptor, and the product is available in an array of colors. You are able to find the shower base that matches your current bathroom look. The material is slip-resistant and easy to clean. However, you will need to ensure this will fit into your bathroom, as it is only available in one size: 60in x 32in x 6 ¼ in.

Tile Redi USA - Base'N Bench P3648C-RB36-KIT Tileable Shower Pan & Seat - Flashing & Epoxy Included 60 Inches x 36 Inches Polished Chrome

Tile Redi USA Base’N Bench Tileable Shower Pan & Seat

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The Tile Redi Base’N Bench Shower Pan & Seat is an all-inclusive shower kit that is easy to install. This kit comes complete with a durable 17in bench, easy-to-tile shower pan, a drain plate, and the adhesives to bring it all together. You aren’t limited on drain options with this design, as the drains are available in several positions, polishes, and styles. Several dimensions are available to fit your bathroom needs. This one is really nice because it definitely comes in a size that fits your shower alcove, just based on the sheer number of configurations available. This is a great option that makes remodeling your washroom a breeze.

Buying Guide

When purchasing your shower base, first and foremost, you need to find a base that matches the dimensions of your space. Standard shower bases are 32 in x 60 in. If a standard base does not fit your needs, we have provided options that are non-standard.

Once you have checked your space and measured it twice, find a base that has the quality and durability that you seek. Most of the products on our list are highly rated with incredible durability, so that part should be easy.

For maximum durability you really want to look at base pans made of PVC, Composite, or acrylic. These options are available that can sustain higher amounts of weight, with solid concrete bases. You are also able to reinforce your shower base with proper mortar support.

Now for the fun part: can it be tiled? This is where you will want a base that includes the materials necessary for tiling your dream shower, ensuring there are no leaks and mildew resistance. Options are available that include tiling and adhesive kits, think of them as a one-stop-shop. This will allow less headache in gathering the necessary materials.

You are also able to choose an option that has a bench, this is great for aging populus and those who love a good rest. If you decide on a bench, also keep in mind if you want it tiled. Often with bench options, they come ready to use.

A low threshold will be important to you as you age, so find a threshold that is around 3.5”. This will make entering and exiting the shower easier with less of a chance for accidents.

With all of the shower options, consider providing a nice mortar base for stability and support. This will allow your shower base to last, and provide any extra support your need for high weight conditions.

Our goal is to help you find a shower base that will make your renovation a breeze, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.


Q) What are the standard shower base sizes?

A) The standard square bases range from 32 in to 48 in. However, a standard shower base is 32 in x 60 in. A standard large base is 48 in x 60 in.

Q) How much weight can a shower base hold?

A) Bases are usually designed to support about 300 pounds, but they can sustain more weight if properly supported with mortar. A professional installer will be able to accomplish this for you if you are unable to find a shower base with a higher resistance on your own.

Q) What does a single threshold shower base mean?

A) A single-threshold shower is made for a shower that will be surrounded by three walls, known as a shower alcove. A double-threshold base is made for corner showers, as in showers surrounded by only two walls.

Q) What is  an onyx shower base made of?

A) An onyx shower base consists of alumina trihydrate crystals and a polyester resin. This makes the base easy to clean.

Q) What is a polymarble shower base?

A) A polymarble base consists of polyurethane resin with a surface that is covered in a gel coating.  This mixture creates a strong and rigid base for your shower.

Q) What needs to be used under shower base?

A) Mortar, a mixture of portland cement and sand needs to be used under your shower base. QUIKRETE Floor Mud is a brand that mixes the dry ingredients for you.

Q) Which shower tray material is best?

A) Acrylic, fiberglass, composite, and porcelain are all commonly used in shower bases. Fiberglass can be too flexible for some, while porcelain can be too rigid, and therefore be susceptible to cracking. Acrylic is the right combination of rigid and flexible, but not quite as durable as composite materials. The material that is best for your renovations is up to you.


Be sure to buy high quality, stylish shower pan. It’s not something you want to upgrade later if you can avoid it, and it’s certainly not something that you want to have to repair in the future either.

We created this list to ensure you are able to find high quality, stylish shower pan that will last you throughout the years. We want a one and done renovation project for you, with no need for future repairs. Until you’re ready for a new look, of course! The information provided here will give you a jumpstart on finding a shower base to fit your dream renovation. Good luck to our DIY-ers and dream home extraordinaires.