The Best Portable Bidet


BOSS BIDET Mini - Portable, Handheld and Compact Travel Bidet | Warranty - Lifetime Year | 30 Day Guarantee | 12.5 oz / 380 ml | Retractable Nozzle | FREE discrete bag

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 Once you take the plunge and purchase a bidet attachment or hand held bidet for your home toilet, it’s often challenging to leave it on trips or vacations.  Since bidets still aren’t the most popular items in the West, it is unlikely you end up seeing one at a local gas station or fast-food spot when you make a pit-stop.  But what if you can get that clean, fresh shower feeling at all times? Well, there is a type of bidet that fits the mold.

After reviewing and researching over 40 different options, we have put together a list of the best portable bidet options for travel in manual and electric platforms.  Our favorite in each category is the Boss Bidet Mini, the Toto Portable Travel Washlet, and the MyPortaWash Handheld Bidet Sprayer.  Continue on to see all of our picks and our review of each one!

Every portable travel bidet on our list was chosen with you, the consumer, in mind.  In deciding which model would make the list, we needed to know they were reliable, had a history of success, and were most of all portable.  We think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better list of portable travel bidets than this!

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The Best Portable Bidet

BOSS BIDET Mini - Portable, Handheld and Compact Travel Bidet | Warranty - Lifetime Year | 30 Day Guarantee | 12.5 oz / 380 ml | Retractable Nozzle | FREE discrete bag

Boss Bidet Mini

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  • Bottle Material: Soft, Squeezable Plastic
  • Bottle Water Capacity: 12.5 Fl Oz
  • Dimensions: 5 in (H) x 2.5 in (W) x 2.5 in (L)

Our top pick for the best portable bidet is the Boss Bidet Mini.  Boss Bidet is a fantastic up-and-comer in the world of bidets.  After finding success with their bidet toilet attachments like the BOLD and Luxury, they released the Boss Bidet Mini onto market.  And it definitely doesn’t disappoint, hence it’s our top choice for portable bidets for travel in this class.

Starting with the 380ml reservoir bottle, it has a nice contour to facilitate a good grip as well as a solid squeeze.  When you get a solid squeeze on the bottle you have more control over the pressure amount, which is paramount to a manual bidet that is portable.

The nozzle is great too!  It’s double the size of the GoSpa and conveniently hides into the bidet reservoir when not in use (as you can see in the picture).  The head of the nozzle has nice perforation, giving the user a gentle OR aggressive wash depending on how aggressive your squeeze is.

The draw-string carrying pouch is a great way to take the Mini on the go, too.  Since this is a bidet for travel, it should cater to that as much as possible.  Also, did we mention it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY?!

Make sure you don’t overlook the Boss Bidet Mini!

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70 Easy-to-use Portable Bidet with Convenient Nozzle Storage, Travel Bag, 400 ml Capacity, and Angled Nozzle Spray

Brondell GS-70 GoSpa Travel Bidet

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Kicking off our list to find the best portable bidet for travel is a product whose maker needs no introduction.  The GoSpa Travel Bidet from Brondell is an excellent choice and is similar to our overall pick below.  As you can see, it’s a simple setup and operation.  Fill up the 400ml reservoir, aim, and squeeze.  You’ll see how soft the bottle is which gives you maximum control over the pressure; whether you like a firm, enema-style cleanse or a gentle, comfortable wash.

The cleansing nozzle isn’t as long as some portable bidet bottles, but it’s incredibly effective and has an air lock, which allows for spraying that you can control even easier!  The nubs on the bottle also allow for a good grip, even when the bottle is wet.  When you’re all done, simply remove the nozzle, flip it upside down and into the bottle, and store into the draw-string carrying bag.

If a quick, no-frills portable bidet is on your radar then the GoSpa is a great first consideration.

Other Great Picks

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Best Electric Portable Bidet:

Toto HW300-W Portable Travel Washlet, White - HW300#W, 180 ml

Toto Portable Travel Washlet

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Our pick for an electric portable bidet is the Toto Portable Travel Washlet.  For those of you with more advanced home bidets, like those with heated seats and heated water, then this portable washlet from Toto is a great choice for you.

In the picture, you can see how small and compact the Toto Portable Washlet is.  When you’re ready to use it, slide the electric portion out of the reservoir area, fill the reservoir, and you’re ready to go.  It has a simple button operation with two washing modes: regular and soft.  While we like the soft operation more, the regular wash mode is comfortable as well.  But what is even better is the warm water washing feature that heats up the water, regardless of the temp of the water you put into the reservoir.

Speaking of the reservoir it only holds 180ml of water, so it holds quite a bit less than the manual portable bidets above.  However, with the excellent washing capabilities, you shouldn’t need much more.  We never had an issue running out during a use.

The Toto Portable Washlet takes 1 AA battery to operate and is resistant to chemicals and other cleaning products.  With it’s on-the-go, compact design, this electric portable washlet from Toto is a great pick!

Panasonic Portable Bidet Handy Toilette Blue DL-P300-A

Panasonic Portable Bidet Handy Toilette

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The next option on our list is the Panasonic Portable Bidet Handy Toilette.  While it’s not our top overall pick, it is a great choice for an electric portable bidet and has some differentiating features from the Toto Portable Washlet.

Like the Toto Portable Washlet, there are two cleaning speeds (regular/slow) and conveniently packs up into a small size with the electrical component fitting into the reservoir.  Rather than sliding out of the reservoir, however, the Panasonic portable bidet comes out and screws on top.  The great thing about that is that the electronic component also screws onto any normal size water bottle.  So if you lose your reservoir, it somehow breaks, or you want a larger reservoir, you have a functioning travel bidet sprayer no matter what!

Included with your purchase are the two AA batteries to operate the bidet and the comfort of knowing you’ll never have to leave a bidet again.  And once you have a bidet or this Panasonic Portable Bidet, you’ll never want to leave without it again!

Portable Bidet Sprayer:

Bidet Handheld Water Sprayer Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered from MyPortaWash- Model-T (Model-O)

MyPortaWash Handheld Bidet Sprayer

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The next two portable bidets are options you might have never thought of before.  They also look a lot like the hand held bidets we’ve looking at before.  While they do provide a portable travel bidet function, they are multi-faceted in their use.  But before we dive into the uses, let’s focus on the MyPortaWash Handheld Bidet Sprayer.

As you can see, the MyPortaWash bidet sprayer is similar to how a sump pump operates.  You drop the pump motor into a bucket of water (or any other receptacle of your choice) and you’re ready to go!  Just grab the sprayer head and you’re ready to spray and bidet.

The motor operates on a rechargeable 2200MAH lithium battery, making the MyPortaWash great for convenience.  Just make sure you’re charged up before you hit the road.  The motor voltage is 3.7V and the water flow efficiency is 2.5L per minute.

Also included with the MyPortaWash is a suction cup and hook to hang it up.  So if you’re held up in a hotel room for a few days or need to set it somewhere while you’re changing your babies diapers, you’ll be covered.

Speaking of, uses for a handheld bidet sprayer like the MyPortaWash or our below choice can range from cleaning baby diapers to watering your garden.  If you need a portable water spray of any kind, a MyPortaWash can double in a number of activities that don’t necessarily involve your genitals.

So when you’re deciding on the best portable bidet for travel that works best for you, think about bidets that have more than one use–if that’s your prerogative.  And if you’re going to choose based on those parameters, chose the MyPortaWash!

Traveler Bidet - Handheld Rechargeable Electric Portable - Powerful Portable Travel Bidet Washlet - Included USB Charger - Perfect Solution For All Your Travel Needs

Biffy Traveler Bidet

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The last model on our portable bidet list, and more specifically the handheld shattaf models, is the Biffy Traveler Bidet.  Similarly to the MyPortaWash, the Biffy Traveler Bidet runs on a lithium ion battery and lasts over 100 uses before needing a recharge.  When you need a charge, just plug in the USB charger (or, therefore, any USB charger) and you’ll be charged up in just a few minutes.

Once again, you’ll get an endless stream of water whether you place the Biffy in the sink, toilet tank, or whatever you can imagine.  The pump on this thing is excellent.  It’s very powerful but also is a tad heavy so prepare accordingly.The hose is quite good, probably a bit better than the MyPortaWash.

Get water where and when you want it.  And get it without working too hard for it.  Go with the Biffy Traveler Bidet if a pump-style portable bidet for travel!