The Best Non Electric Bidet Seats

Smartcleanse IB-3000 Non Electric Bidet, WhiteLast Updated on April 13, 2021 Sifting through number of options when it comes to finding the best non electric bidet seat can be a daunting task sometimes.  While options are plentiful, sometimes your wallet’s funds don’t line up to the sheer amount of choices on the market.

Instead, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the non electric bidet seats that are sure to please. A practical bidet setup at home should not be hampered by their price either.  As we’ve mentioned before in our bidet overview, the benefits of having a bidet in the home are not in short supply.  That’s why for less than $200, you can get a luxury toilet seat bidet and enhance your bowel movements.

Our Top 4 Choices

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Below we’ve displayed each of the eight non electric bidet seat options and additional information about each one.

The Best Non Electric Bidet Seat

BB-I3000 BioBidet Premium Non-electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets, White

Bio Bidet BB-I3000 Premium Bidet Seat

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Quick-Spec List:

  • Warm & Cold Water Capable
  • Solid Pressure Control Knob
  • Vortex Nozzle System
  • Adjustable Water Temp/Pressure
  • Soap Dispenser For Front Wash
  • Self-Clean Nozzle
  • 1-Year Warranty

First on our list is no stranger to the bidet game and is a Toiletops Pick.  Yes, Bio Bidet has a number of excellent bidet seats and bidet attachments so it makes sense they get a top spot on our list of the best non electric bidet seats.  No, they aren’t exclusively expensive.  The BB-I3000 is a premium non-electric bidet seat, no batteries required.  Like most bidet attachments, this bidet seat uses the pressure from your toilet’s water supply.  Once you shut off the valve, simply flush the toilet to drain the tank and attach.  It’s that easy!

The BB-I3000 has the ability to have a warm water hook-up too.  It’s fairly uncommon for non-electric bidets to take advantage of warm water because they require access to your home’s warm water supply.  From there, you have control over water pressure, temperature, rear and front wash, and enema wash.  The seat has a soft-close lid, too.

You could do MUCH worse than the Bio Bidet BB-I3000 bidet seat and is a great option to choose from as our first overall pick!

Kohler K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Toilet Seat, White With Quiet-Close Lid And Seat, Adjustable Spray Pressure And Position, Self-Cleaning Wand, No Batteries Or Electrical Outlet Needed

Kohler Puretide Elongated Bidet Seat

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Quick-Spec List:

  • Sleek Design And Control Panel
  • Quiet Close Lid/Seat
  • Pressure and Position Control
  • Comfortable Contoured Seat
  • Grip-Tight Bumpers
  • Easy Installation Hinges
  • 1-year Warranty

The Kohler Puretide Bidet Seat is another Toiletops’ Choice on our list of the best non electric bidet seats.  It’s also another non-electric bidet seat with a self-cleaning wand that automatically cleanses itself after each use.  There is a quiet-close lid, which is great for keeping the seat down and keeping your children and dogs out of the toilet water.

The thing we like most about the Kohler Puretide Bidet Seat is the adjustable water spray position.  To activate the bidet, you twist the handle clockwise.  Then, you move the handle up and down to adjust the position of the spray wand.  Pretty cool!  This makes it a nice option for families with children as well.

This seat is also the best-looking and sleekest looking bidet toilet seat on our list.

Brondell S100-EW Swash Ecoseat 100 Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Budget Pick – Brondell S100 Swash Bidet

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  • Dimensions: 19 in. x 6 in. x 19 in.
  • Seat Material: White Plastic
  • Shapes: Elongated
  • Bumper Material: White Plastic
  • Nozzles: Dual
  • Warm Water Hookup: Not Available

The Brondell S100 Swash Bidet Seat is the economy model of the Swash-brand line of bidets from Brondell.  It’s really no surprise they’re on our list.  The aerated posterior and frontal wash is very comfortable and the pressure is easily adjustable on the control panel.  When you turn the dial on the control pad, twisting right controls the frontal wash and left is the posterior.  Additionally the further you turn the dial in either direction, the more pressure you get.

The gentle soft-closing seat is nice and the look of the S100 is sleek.  No warm water hook up, but that can be secondary to some.  What you’re looking for is something that can get the job done efficiently and for the long-term.  The Brondell Swash S100 comes with a one-year limited warranty.

GenieBidet [ELONGATED] Seat-Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles. Rear & Feminine Cleaning - No wiring required. Simple 20-45 minute installation or less. Hybrid T with ON/OFF Included!

Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat

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  • Dimensions: 21 in. x 18 in. x 3 in.
  • Seat Material: White Plastic
  • Shapes: Elongated
  • Bumper Material: White Plastic
  • Nozzles: Dual
  • Warm Water Hookup: Not Available

The Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat is one of the long-standing heavyweight champions in the realm of non electric bidet seats.  It has adjustable spray options from soft to strong, ambient water temperature spray (room temperature), rear and front cleaning, and self-cleaning nozzles.  The seat is a great option for the entire family and has a slow-closing seat and lid.

The control for the Ellegantz GenieBidet is simple and straightforward.  You press the lever forward for the rear wash and back for the front/feminine wash.  The further in either direction you go, the more pressure is added which makes for easy use and control.

One thing to note is that the t-adapter hooked up to the Ellegantz in the picture is not included with this or any bidet seat.

Other Great Non Electric Bidets

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Smartcleanse IB-3000 Non Electric Bidet, White

Smart Cleanse IB-3000 Bidet

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  • Dimensions: 20.6 in. x 19.4 in. x 7.28 in.
  • Seat Material: White Plastic
  • Shapes: Round and Elongated
  • Bumper Material: White Plastic
  • Nozzles: Single
  • Warm Water Hookup: Available

Next is the Smart Cleanse IB-3000 Bidet Seat by iZen.  This seat’s control panel is very similar to the Bio Bidet BB-I3000 in both looks and control placement.  At the top of the remote controls the warm water temperature, the knob on the side controls the rear/front wash and pressure of each, and the button closest to the back adds soap for the feminine wash feature.  So basically, quite similar to the BB-I3000.  But both are great options, both are similarly priced nonetheless.

From there you get the soft-closing toilet seat and lid and an easy-to-install set up that allows for quick removal for deep cleaning.  This is a great family option and is a solid option overall for anyone on the market for one.

Alpha ONE Bidet Seat - Elongated - Non-Electric - Natural Water Spray - Ultra Low Profile - Powerful Spray - 1 Lever Controls Front and Rear Cleansing - Brass Valve and Fittings - Sturdy Sittable Lid

Alpha ONE Bidet Seat

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  • Dimensions: 19.75 in. x 14.25 in. x 2.4 in.
  • Seat Material: White Plastic
  • Shapes: Elongated
  • Bumper Material: Brass
  • Nozzles: Single
  • Warm Water Hookup: Not Available

Alpha Bidet has granted us the opportunity to share our next bidet.  And that would be their Alpha ONE Bidet Seat.  This sleek non electric bidet seat has a very low profile (around 2.5″ tall at the rear) and has no clunky attachment hinges.  Simply attach the mounting brackets and the Alpha ONE Bidet Seat will slide on and off with a breeze.  That makes for easy deep cleanings.

Much like the Ellegantz bidet above, the Alpha ONE operates with one simple, easy-to-use control handle.  THIS ONE, however, makes sense with the controls.  You push the handle forward for the front wash and backward for the rear wash (unlike the opposite on the Ellegantz).  The Alpha ONE is sturdy and the lid is sturdy too, which we like because that makes the toilet double as a seat when needed.  Why stand if you don’t have to?

Leaks are also rare with the Alpha ONE.  The hose is one of the sturdier ones we’ve ever seen.  All and all, Alpha Bidet put out a winner with the Alpha ONE Bidet Seat.

Hibbent Non Electric Toilet Bidet Seat - American Round Toilet Seats - No Electricity Bathroom Bidets Dual Nozzles Sprayer for Bidets and Rear Washing(Fitted 16.5-18 inch Round/Standard Bowl)-OB108

Hibbent Toilet Bidet Seat

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  • Dimensions: 14.4 in. x 3.5 in. x 19.5 in.
  • Seat Material: Plastic
  • Shapes: 3+
  • Bumper Material: Metal
  • Nozzles: Dual
  • Warm Water Hookup: Available

Hibbent’s Non Electric Bidet Seat is a pretty fantastic option for first timers and deserves recognition on our list.  The stock offering fits on 16.5-18 inch round and standard toilet sizes.  That makes it quite versatile in the world of toilet seats, let alone bidets.  Regardless of all this, always measure your toilet before purchasing a bidet seat.  However, you can choose any other size option that works for your seat as well.

The seat and lid are soft closing, again lending itself to a more hygienic bathroom.  The Hibbent Non Electric Bidet Seat has dual nozzles, one for each the front and rear washes.  Much to our sadness, pressing the control knob backwards is for the front/feminine wash and pressing it forward controls the rear wash.  Not a deal breaker, just a thing to consider.

Again, one thing to note is that the t-adapter in the picture is not included with this or any bidet seat.

Feel Fresh HI-1000WT Round Non-Electric Bidet Seat (White)

Feel Fresh HI-1000WT Bidet Seat

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Last on our list, but not least, is the Feel Fresh HI-1000WT Bidet Seat from HomeTECH.  The seat and lid is slow closing, good for the hygiene.  It has twin spray nozzles for different cleaning patterns, front and rear.  The two knobs on the control panel control each the front and rear washes and the pressure.

The seat is easy to install, making for quick removal for cleaning purposes.  It has a maximum water pressure of 100 PSI and comes with a 1-year warranty.  Remember, nearly all bidets are not returnable.  Make sure you choose wisely, but honestly you can’t go wrong with this or any bidet option.

Buyer’s Guide

Bidet systems have become popular in the U.S. in recent years, being touted for their ability to make toilet-goers feel squeaky clean. There are many types of bidet and each has its pluses and minuses.

And although bidets are widely thought of as European appliances, Americans are warming up to the idea that the French might be on to something. While there are homes across the U.S. that employ the use of bidets, they are still a relatively new concept to many.

People can find themselves a bit lost when trying to find out more about bidets, their options and features, and finding the best deal for their money.

When looking for bidet systems, one thing becomes clear; electric bidets are pricey which is why we recommend these non electric bidets or other options like hand held bidets for entry-level bidet users.

Sure, they’ve got buttons and screens, bells and whistles. But there’s an equally effective self-sanitizing alternative that won’t break the bank: a non-electric bidet system. If you’re on the market for a non-electric bidet but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, read on.

This buyer’s guide will break down the pros and cons of non-electric bidets on the market to help you navigate all of the features and find the best options for you.


Non-Electric Bidets Are Cheaper

The most obvious benefit of buying a non-electric bidet is the difference in price.

While electric bidets usually run anywhere from $200-$900 (yes, you read that right), their non-electric counterparts are much more cost-effective. Most non-electric bidet systems only cost about $40-$60. The features that make electric bidets more expensive are the electrical components, which not only make the cost of the bidet more expensive, but also drive up electricity costs in the home.

What’s more, electrical components can wear out or malfunction over time, needing repairs that may actually cost you more than what you paid for the unit itself.

Non-electric bidets don’t require anything more than a hookup to a water source, so they’re reliable for the long run and won’t need costly maintenance. When shopping for a bidet, choosing a non-electric model will save you a decent chunk of change.

Non-Electric Bidets Are Easy to Install

Non-electric bidet systems are much more convenient than electric ones when it comes to installation.

They’re also a lot easier to install because they don’t require an electrical hookup. Most bathrooms don’t have an outlet right next to the toilet, making electrical bidets difficult to incorporate into your space without an unsightly extension cord running through your bathroom.

Even more inconvenient, electric bidets require a specific type of outlet (a GFCI outlet) that is protected against water contact. If your bathroom wasn’t built fairly recently, chances are that you don’t have this outlet. You would need to pay to have one installed, which can drive up the total price of the bidet install by hundreds of dollars.

Non-electric models don’t require this, so you can attach the bidet right to the water source for your toilet and/or your sink and be ready to use it. They also typically take up less room than a full-seat setup, as the electric versions can be quite bulky.

Non-Electric Bidets Have Competitive Features

Non-electric bidets have many of the same features that electric bidets do and depending on what you’re looking for, you may not have to forfeit the features you want for cost-effectiveness. Although an electric bidet will have more features, non-electric models have come a long way and have many options for additional convenience and comfort without the electric components.

If you don’t want to sacrifice options like heated water and customizable pressure, there are non-electric bidets that can deliver. These bidet models hook up to an existing hot water source (like your bathroom sink) and still only cost about $100. While electric bidets may have a few fancier features, this also means that their functions can be hard to navigate and require a learning curve.

Non-electric bidets are more of a “set it and forget it” setup. Once your bidet is installed, it’s good to go, and feature controls like stream angle and water temperature are fairly self-explanatory. These practical features make non-electric bidets more user-friendly and accessible.

Another small thing to note; several non-electric bidet models have self-cleaning abilities. Although not the flashiest of features, it is a nice addition when thinking about sanitation of the device itself.

Non-Electric Bidets are Reliable

In many ways, non-electric bidets are more reliable than their electric competitors.

As mentioned before, electrical bidets need electrical maintenance. Maintenance costs money and time, and can result in a lot of inconvenience. Another area where non-electric bidets are more dependable than the electric models is water pressure.

Because non-electric bidets are hooked up to your water supply, they are powered directly by water pressure and can consistently provide a better clean than electric models. This results in a more pressurized stream of water, and a higher-volume stream than the stream electric bidets are able to produce.

Why should you care about this?

Simply put, higher pressure + more water = a better clean. This doesn’t mean that you have to use your bidet at full blast; most models have pressure controls that allow for you to choose your optimum water pressure. The difference lies in the ability to get a more pressurized, fuller stream of water, which allows you the option of a more thorough clean than many electric bidets.


Non-Electric Bidets Have Fewer Luxury Features

Non-electric bidets can’t offer quite as many comfort features as their electric competitors. Electric bidets have a few plush options that non-electric systems do not, such as heated seats and dryers.

These are mostly fringe features that don’t affect the functionality or effectiveness of the bidet, but they are things to consider if you’re looking for a more luxurious experience. While these features are technically unnecessary and drive up the cost, they can provide for a more “spa-like” experience during use.

If you’d rather have a built-in dryer instead of using toilet paper, or you’d like to have your toilet seat heated before you use it, you may decide to bite the bullet and buy an electric bidet seat system.

On top of heat and drying, electric bidets can offer remote-controlled angle adjustment controls. These are sometimes able to be a bit more fine-tuned and customizable than the manual adjustment valves on non-electric models.

Non-Electric Bidets Won’t Change Toilet Paper Consumption

One area where electric bidets have an edge is the amount of toilet paper saved. Because the more expensive electric models have dryers, toilet paper isn’t absolutely necessary.

Large families that use a lot of toilet paper each month would not only be saving money used to buy toilet paper, they’d be saving the trees as well. For this reason, if you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact, non-electric bidets won’t make as much of a difference. While they won’t necessarily use more toilet paper, the amount of paper saved isn’t going to compare to a bidet that can wash and dry you completely paper-free.

Final Thoughts

If money is no object and you’re looking to feel like you’re at a spa every time you take a seat on the porcelain throne, electric bidet models may be right for you. However, a non-electric bidet will deliver the most essential features of a bidet system with easier installation, higher water pressure and volume, and better bang for your buck. Whether you want a base model that will deliver all the cleaning essentials you need at $40-$60, or you want to spring for heated water capabilities and custom water pressure valves at $100, there’s a non-electric bidet model out there that will fit your needs.