The Best LED Bathroom Mirror

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 Installing an LED mirror or medicine cabinet in your bathroom can change the entire aesthetic of the room. It gives off the perfect amount of light, and can make your morning or evening routine easier and more enjoyable. But it’s no small purchase either, so you’re typically going to be on the hunt for the best LED bathroom mirror for your particular scenario.

LED mirrors and medicine cabinets come in different shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom, from a small powder room, to a large master bedroom. With so many options available, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs. You’ll find a list of the best round LED bathroom mirrors below as well as a list of the best LED medicine cabinets.

Not only do LED mirrors look great, but LEDs use far less electricity than regular light bulbs, making them far more energy efficient. They are more environmentally friendly and provide more consistent lighting.

When purchasing a new LED mirror there are several factors to take into consideration. Some things to look for are size, ease of installation, brightness, color temperature, and more. Some LED mirrors offer more features than others, so how fancy you want to go is up to you. Here are some reviews for some of the best LED mirrors and LED medicine cabinets on the market.

The Best LED Bathroom Mirror

Keonjinn 36"x 28" Bathroom Mirror Horizontal/Vertical Anti-Fog Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror with LED Light Over Vanity

Keonjinn Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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This LED mirror from KeonJinn is a great example of a simple, yet attractive option when it comes to LED mirrors. This mirror measures 36”x28” inches, and has LED lighting around the entire border of the mirror.

The Keonjinn LED mirror comes with dimming ability as well as anti-fog features. The dimmer and anti-fog both have their own separate control buttons, making it easy to operate. All you have to do is touch the light button for 3 seconds to adjust the brightness from normal to brightest.

Another nice thing about this LED mirror is that it can be installed vertically OR horizontally on your bathroom wall. This gives you different options, and allows you to choose the best placement and look for your particular bathroom.

Simple and attractive design, and great quality make this a great LED mirror for the price. It gives off nice lighting, and the anti-fog features work great. It is also easy to operate and easy to install, making it a popular choice.

How to Choose an LED Bathroom Mirror or Medicine Cabinet

An LED mirror can provide your bathroom with a nice modern look. Besides attractive looks and various features, LED mirrors can also light your bathroom perfectly for your personal needs. Whether you are looking for the perfect make-up mirror, or if you want an LED mirror that can illuminate your entire bathroom without the need for additional lighting, there are several things to look for when you are shopping for a new mirror for your space.

Shape and Size

When shopping for an LED mirror, first take into account what type of mirror will work best for your space. A wise first step would be to take some simple measurements of where your LED mirror will be placed.

Once you figure out how much space you have to work with, decide which size mirror will fit best in your bathroom. LED mirrors and medicine cabinets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you are sure to find one that will fit your needs.

A round LED mirror leaves more of the wall exposed and can be a good option for smaller spaces, or second bathrooms.

Rectangular LED mirrors are often able to be installed vertically OR horizontally. This gives you more options, but can take up more space than a round mirror.

Brightness And Color Temperature

Another important thing to look at when shopping for a new LED mirror or medicine cabinet is the brightness and color temperature.

Color Temperature is a way to describe either the coolness or warmth of lighting. Color temperature is measured in Kelvins, and different color temperatures can be used for different lighting effects.

Color Brightness is measured in Lumens and determines how much brightness your light will put out. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

Something to consider when buying your LED mirror is whether or not your mirror has adjustable color temperature and brightness.

Some of the cheaper and more simple LED mirrors will not be adjustable. However, many LED mirrors offer adjustable color temperature, brightness, as well as memory capability. This way, your mirror will remember your personal lighting preferences so you won’t have to constantly be adjusting the settings.

Anti-Fog Capability

Another upside of installing an LED mirror in your bathroom is that many options come with a built-in defogging system. This keeps your mirror clean and clear at all times, meaning you never have to wipe the mirror down with a towel.

Most LED mirrors come equipped with a built-in defogger system. These are generally a safe, self-heating pad that is built in behind the mirror. This keeps the glass clear and free from condensation.

The defogging pads in many LED mirrors come on automatically when the LED lights are turned on. Others may have a separate on/off function for defogging capabilities. With so many options on the market, you are sure to find one that suits your personal preferences.

Features to look for in LED Medicine Cabinets

If you are looking for more than just an LED mirror, and want some extra storage space to go along with it, LED medicine cabinets can take care of both of those needs.

With an LED medicine cabinet you can have the same features that a well-designed LED mirror offers, with some added perks.

LED medicine cabinets are a great way to save space in smaller bathrooms. There are many different models to choose from, and many offer the same great functions that LED mirrors offer, such as: adjustable brightness and color temperature, anti-fog, and dimming capability.

Many LED medicine cabinets are also “fully mirrored,” meaning that there are mirrors on the backside of the door as well as inside the cabinet behind the shelving. Some even offer a close-up magnified mirror on the backside of the door.

As with regular LED mirrors, medicine cabinets can offer you all of the luxuries of a mirror, plus a little extra. They are also a great way to save space and help to hide all of your everyday toiletries and bathroom essentials.

Our LED Bathroom Mirror Choices

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HAUSCHEN 36 x 28 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with 5500K High Lumen + CRI 95 Cold White Lights and Anti Fog and Dimmable Memory Touch Button + IP44 Waterproof + Vertical & Horizontal

Hauschen inch LED lighted bathroom mirror

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This 36 x 28 inch LED mirror by Hauschen can add a touch of class and modernity to any home’s bathroom. This mirror can also be installed vertically or horizontally, giving you options for your specific space.

This LED mirror can be wired to have your main light switch control the on/off function. Not only is the lighting adjustable, but it also comes equipped with a memory touch sensor, so your brightness will be set to the way it was when it was last turned on.

When the LED light is adjusted to its brightest setting, it creates enough lighting for the entire bathroom, without the need to have additional lights turned on. Whether you’re just waking up and have sensitive eyes, or if you need ultimate brightness, you can adjust the lighting to your needs.

This model by Hauschen has all the features that you could want in a LED bathroom mirror. It has adjustable brightness, anti-fog technology, easy operation, and hassle-free installation.

HOMCOM LED Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Make Up Mirror w/Defogger - 32" x 24

HomCom LED Wall Mount Bathroom Mirror

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This LED mirror by Homcom is 32 x 24 inches. It has a similar style to other mirrors with the LED outline strip display on the face of the mirror. It can also be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your needs and preference.

The Homcom LED mirror comes with a built-in anti-fog heated pad. This keeps the mirror free of condensation, which keeps you from having to constantly wipe the fog from the surface. The anti-fog gives you a clear reflection even when there is hot water running.

This mirror is easy to operate. It is turned on by a touch-sensitive button. Simply swipe gently left to turn the light off, and swipe right to turn the LED on. If you are shopping for a mirror with adjustable lighting or dimming capabilities, those features are not offered with this model.

This design by Homcom can add a nice touch to your bathroom, while also providing energy efficiency. If you are looking for a simple LED mirror that looks nice and covers your basic lighting needs, the Homcom is a reasonable choice.

Cozy Castle Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror Wall Mounted Backlit Frameless Large Size 32x24 inch Rectangular, Memory Touch, Horizontal/Vertical, Warm White/Daylight Lights

Cozy Castle LED Bathroom Mirror

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This LED bathroom mirror by Cozy Castle is sure to light up any bathroom with its contemporary style and design. It has a rectangular shape with outline LED lighting, and has sleek looking rounded edges. As with others, you also have the option to hang the mirror sideways or vertically.

You are sure to find the proper lighting that you are looking for with the adjustable color temperature. Simply press the button for 3 seconds to change the LED to your preferred lighting. It also has a memory touch function, which retains the most recent use of the light.

Another plus to this LED mirror, is that it is constructed using automotive HD glass. This makes it a strong mirror that can stand the test of time. This allows for the ultra-thin design, but still offers excellent reflection.

This Cozy Castle mirror boasts great reviews from customers who are currently using this model in their homes. It is built with great quality, an array of features, and is easy to install without the help of a professional electrician.

B&C 48x36 inch Super Slim Bathroom Mirror Vertical or Horizontal|LED Lighted|Polished Edge Frameless|Defogger and Dimmer with Memory|Touch Switch|Non Copper Silver Backed

B&C Inch Super-Slim LED Bathroom Mirror

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This high quality LED mirror by B&C is great for larger bathrooms, measuring 48 x 36 inches. It has dimmable luminance, adjustable color setting, and built-in memory so it stays on the last settings that were used.

This LED mirror is operated by 3 touch buttons for color change, dimming capabilities, and on/off. This mirror can also be wired to a wall switch, and using it’s built-in memory, it will automatically return to the last brightness setting used when the switch is turned on,

As with many other LED mirrors, this mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally. It also has defogging capability and produces enough light that you will not need additional lights in your bathroom.

Our LED Medicine Cabinet Choices

LED Medicine cabinets give you the luxury of not only an LED mirror but also allows you to store your toiletries and other daily-use items in one convenient place. Below are some of the best LED medicine cabinets for your money.

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The Best LED Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

HOMCOM LED Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Make Up Mirror w/Defogger - 36" x 28"

HomCom LED Mirror/Medicine Cabinet

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This stainless steel LED medicine cabinet offers a unique sliding door option, allowing the mirror to be slid open to the left or the right. This allows access to the shelving inside of the cabinet, while still being able to use the mirror.

This LED medicine cabinet has a sleek 30” vertical design, easy operation and installation, and plenty of inside storage with 3-tier shelving.

The simplicity and quality of design make this a medicine cabinet that will go well in virtually any bathroom. If you’re looking for something simple with a contemporary touch, the HomCom is a great choice.

KOHLER K-99007-TL-NA Verdera 24 inch x 30 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet, Slow Close Hinge, Internal Magnifying Mirror; Aluminum; Recess or Surface Mount

Kohler K-99007 TL-NA Verdera LED Medicine Cabinet

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This 24” x 30” LED medicine cabinet and mirror combo is a vertically-hanging cabinet with two vertical LED strips on both sides.

It is built with easy-open hinges, and once opened, it offers plenty of shelving as well as an internal mirror. It also has a small round magnified mirror on the inside door.

With brightness at 1300 lumens, this LED medicine cabinet puts off a warm neutral light that helps to see yourself without any light inconsistency.

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet 24 Inch X 36 Inch | Recessed or Surface Mount Mirror Cabinet w/Dimmer & Defogger + 3X Makeup Mirror Inside & Outlet + USB

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet

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This elegant LED medicine cabinet is built by Krugg and offers smart touch sensor controls, dimming capabilities, and built-in defogger.

This cabinet is fully mirrored. Not only is the front a well-lit LED mirror, but the inside door is mirrored, as well as behind the shelving. Not to mention a built-in 3x magnifying mirror on the inside door for those tedious tasks.

The Krug also comes with a 2+2 smart outlet, which provides two traditional outlets as well as 2 USB outlets, allowing you to keep your bathroom accessories and electronics nearby.

HOMCOM Vertical 24" Stainless Steel Bathroom Wall Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Homcom Vertical LED Mirror/Medicine Cabinet

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Another nice design by Homcom, this LED mirror/medicine cabinet combo has a circular LED design on the face of the mirror.

The outer mirror has a convenient sliding mechanism, which allows you to continue use of the LED mirror while having access to the inside medicine cabinet.

This LED mirror medicine cabinet has a unique design. It puts off a soft light which is perfect for shaving or applying make-up. Simple to install, as well as simple to operate, this mirror medicine cabinet provides ample lighting with a fair amount of storage space.

Recessed or Surface LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet with Defogger, Dimmer, Outlets & USB Ports (20x32/Left Hinge)

Blossom LED Mirror/Medicine Cabinet

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This Blossom LED Mirror and Medicine cabinet has a wide variety of features. If you’re looking for a LED medicine cabinet with maximum capabilities, this is the one for you.

The front mirror includes digital time and temperature display, full interior lighted mirrors, and also includes a 3 X magnified mirror on the inside for up-close applications.

This cabinet can be recess or surface mounted and uses three easy soft-touch keys for operating the defogger, color temperature, and brightness. It also has a smart memory function, which can remember your personal lighting preferences so you won’t have to constantly tamper with the settings.

Our Round LED Bathroom Mirror Choices

Much like our choices for the best LED bathroom mirrors, just round!

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The Best Round LED Bathroom Mirror

SL4U 24 Inch LED Lighted Round Mirror | Modern Bathroom Mirror with Lights, Wall Mount Circle Makeup Mirror for Vanity

SL4U Round LED Bathroom Mirror

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This round LED mirror by SL4U can add a simple touch of modern to any bathroom. It has a simple LED strip which goes around the entire outline of the mirror, allowing you to see your reflection clearly.

This round LED mirror also has a simple one-touch glowing switch to turn on and off. This makes it easy to turn your mirror lights on in the dark.

The SL4U also comes with built-in defogging technology, so your mirror will always stay clear and free of fog. This is a good choice If you are looking to add a simple and functional round LED mirror to your bathroom. It performs well and is hassle-free.

Krugg LED Bathroom Round Mirror 27 Inch Diameter | Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Dimmer and Defogger | Silver Backed Glass

Krugg Round LED Mirror

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This round LED mirror by Krugg is an aesthetically pleasing mirror with a slim profile, adding a nice accent to any room.

As with other round LED mirrors, it has an LED light strip that goes around the entire outline of the mirror. This mirror also offers dimming and defogging capabilities.

The Krugg 27” round LED mirror is easy to install on your own and is a good quality LED mirror for your money.

LED Lighted Vanity Bathroom Mirror, Wall Mounted + Anti Fog & Dimmer Touch Switch + UL Listed + IP44 Waterproof + 5500K Cool White +3000K Warm + CRI>90 + Vertical&Horizontal … (Round 30inch)

Hauschen Round LED Lighted Vanity Bathroom Mirror

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Hauschen is known for their high quality home products. This Round LED mirror allows you to manage the color temperature and brightness without hassle.

The mirror has 3 simple touch controls on the front center of the mirror to adjust your brightness and color settings. It also includes a memory touch sensor, so that you can set the lighting the way you like it, and the mirror will remember your personal settings.

As with many other LED mirror options, the Hauschen also has an effective anti-fog heating pad built directly into the back of the mirror.

MAGGIIC 30 INCH Round LED Bathroom Light Vanity Mirrors Anti-Fog+IP44 Waterproof +CRI>90+UL Listed

MAGGIIC Round LED Bathroom Mirror

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This Round LED Bathroom mirror offers a unique style if you are looking for something a bit different in a bathroom mirror. The LED lights in this mirror come with a crystal-inlay. This makes your LED sparkle and adds a sparkling glow to your bathroom.

The MAGGIIC round LED mirror comes with a simple one-button operating system. This button can control on/off operation, color temperature setting, as well as dimming.

This round LED vanity mirror can either be hardwired or can simply be plugged into the wall outlet with the included 5 ft. cable. The most appealing aspect of this mirror is the crystal inlay of the LED display. It is a nice option if you are looking for a little something extra for your bathroom decor.

CITYMODA 24 inch Wall Mirror with Lights, LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror Touch Button Anti-Fog Dimmer Function Waterproof Led Mirror

AI Lighting Gold Round LED Mirror

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This round LED mirror by AI Lighting is another great mirror option for those that are looking for an extra touch of style to their home. This round 24” mirror comes with a black frame with an internal gold leaf . This offers a warming golden glow when the LED mirror is turned on.

Apart from its unique look and lighting, this mirror also has single-click color temperature adjustment, long-press brightness adjustment, memory function, and anti-fog capability.

This model is easily installed and can be either hardwired or used with a wall outlet. It also comes with a 3X magnified detachable mirror.

FAQ’s About LED Bathroom Mirrors

How do LED bathroom mirrors work?

An LED mirror is similar to a normal bathroom mirror, but they are fitted with LED bulbs or lighting strips for illumination. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. LED’s use movements of electrons in order to convert electricity into light.

How do you install an LED bathroom mirror?

Installation processes can vary between different models and manufacturers. Some come with simple bracket installation that you can easily hang yourself. Others will be more involved and may require the help of a professional. Some LED mirrors may come with a simple cord that plugs into a wall outlet, while other types of mirrors may require hardwiring. Below is a video of a basic LED mirror installation.

How do you change a bulb in an LED bathroom mirror?

Some different styles of mirrors may allow you to change bulbs. However, many more modern mirrors simply have LED strip lighting. The great thing about LED lights is that they use far less electricity than standard light bulbs. With an LED mirror, chances are you won’t have to worry about replacing lights for a very long time.

Wrapping Up

Adding an LED mirror or LED lit medicine cabinet to your bathroom is a fairly easy way to give your space lighting that is perfectly catered to your wants and needs. Not only can you adjust your light brightness and color temperature just the way you want it, the sleek and contemporary look of LED mirrors make an attractive addition to your bathroom.

Yes, LED mirrors look great, but they also offer many other features. Not only is the lighting adjustable, but most LED mirrors come with anti-fog technology as well as smart memory function. This allows you to find the lighting that is perfect for your specific bathroom, and your LED mirror will remember which settings you prefer.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what LED mirrors and medicine cabinets have to offer, you can go out in search of the perfect mirror for your needs. Remember to take proper measurements, consider what size LED mirror you would like, and think of what features you would like your new mirror to have. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect LED mirror for your bathroom.