The 10 Best Hand Held Bidet Sprayers

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After reviewing, researching and handling over 25 different models, our pick for the best hand held bidet sprayer attachment is the Aquaus 360 Bidet.  It has everything we look for in a quality bidet and then some, thanks to its incredible ingenuity and capabilities. It is no secret that the easiest and most hygienic way to clean yourself following a trip to the toilet is to use a bidet.

Bidets come in many varieties like non electric bidet seats, bidet attachments, or come in a unit that sits just next to your toilet which you can squat over.  While there are many types of bidets, all of which are valid, some aren’t as easy to work with as others.  That’s why a hand held bidet is sometimes preferred thanks to the versatility.

We crafted a list of hand held bidets to share just how easy it can be to have a bidet in your home in a way that works best for you.  The benefits of choosing a hand held bidet over other bidet types are that they can easily be used for both rear and feminine washes at an affordable price since many lower-end bidets don’t come with those capabilities.  You’ll find yourself spending a bit more for that feature as often times and separate nozzle is needed on the bidet just to have the functionality.  Instead, you can use one of these hand held bidet sprayer models to accomplish what those other bidets attachments cannot!


Our List of Hand Held Bidets

Below we discuss each of the top ten hand held bidets with additional information about each one.

The Best Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

RinseWorks - Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet Sprayer - NSF cUPC Certified for Legal Installation - 2 Backflows - Dual Pressure Controls - StayFlex Hose - 3 to 11 Inch Spray reach - 3 Year Warranty

Aquaus 360 Bidet

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Quick-Spec List:

  • Rotating Spray Head
  • Rear/Feminine Wash
  • Pressure-Control Thumb Switch 
  • NSF Plumbing Code Certified
  • 5-Inch Extension Included
  • 3-Year Warranty

Our choice for the best hand held bidet is the Aquaus 360 Bidet from RinseWorks–and in looking at what this thing can do, we think you’ll agree.  As the name implies, the Aquaus 360 Bidet has a spray nozzle that rotates 360 degrees in order to help you more easily clean your rear.  Along with the rotating sprayer head, the Aquaus 360 also comes with a 5-inch extension for even easier cleaning!

The thumb control also acts as a pressure control, a step up from the last option on our list, and the hose is around 4.5 feet long.

The Aquaus 360 Bidet comes with a 3 year warranty, longer than most on our list, and is the only hand held bidet that is NSF Certified.  That gives you plenty of time to get the most out of your brand new bidet.  Of the hand held bidet sprayer models we looked at, this one is our choice and winner!

See what others have said:

  • carol: “Wow!! Finally someone made a high quality bidet sprayer (not a kitchen sink
    sprayer) that is totally user-friendly with pressure controls on the
  • SarasotaLady: “This apparently is a new model — and it’s wonderful!! No leakage, well constructed, and I feel really clean after using it.”
  • Shannon F: “This sprayer hangs right on the side of your toilet tank, making “freshening up”, quick and easy. I questioned the “cold water aspect”, but it’s actually quite refreshing during this hot CA summer!”

Other Great Hand Held Bidet Options:

SmarterFresh Lifetime Hand Held Bidet Sprayer - Superior Pressure Control Shattaf Delivers the Freshest, Most Comfortable Cleanse - Complete Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer Hand Bidet Set for Toilet

SmarterFresh Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

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First on our list of excellent hand held bidet sprayer attachments is this premium, stainless steel model from SmarterFresh.  Also available in brass, this sprayer shattaf is stylish and functional with it’s convenient over the toilet hanging hook.  The SmarterFresh has an easy-to-use thumb trigger making it a straightforward hand held bidet.

The trigger controls the pressure, giving you the option of a firmer blast or a gentle wash.  The hose is approximately 4 feet long, provide ample room to get your business done.  And everything you need to install the SmarterFresh hand held bidet comes in the box!  However you look at it, you’ll enjoy this one.

We think this is a great first option to look through on our list of hand held bidet sprayers.

See what others have said:

  • Hakan: “Great, quality product with a simple 5 minute installation. From a form and function standpoint, this one wins the best-in-class award. Everything from the adjustable pressure to the sleek appearance and quality of its construction seems top notch.”
  • J. Berg: “Considering the humble purpose of this product, it seems odd to say I love it — but I really kinda do.”
  • Harlan: “Let me preface this review by saying that after I got this, a proctologist complimented me on the cleanliness of my rear end.

KES LP907+K1018 Toilet Hand Held Bidet Shattaf Sprayer with Shut Off Valve, Bracket Holder and Hose, Polished Chrome

Kes Brass Hand Held Bidet

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While similarly designed in comparison to our last example, this hand held bidet from Kes certainly has reasons to be on our list of top hand held bidet sprayer attachments.  In functionality, the Kes brass hand held bidet sprayer is similar in that it is operated with the thumb trigger.  And although you cannot adjust the pressure with the trigger, it can be adjusted with its beefier t-valve connection.  Just turn the dial to the pressure you like and spray away!

Where it differs, however, is that it has a locking mechanism to prevent accidental sprays.  This is great for family-friendly homes or for those who just don’t want to accidentally spray the walls of their bathroom.

The Kes brass hand held bidet sprayer comes with everything needed to install, a 1-year warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee.  It’s a nice option when looking for the best hand held sprayer attachments.

See what others have said:

  • Ishaq: “Awesome product! Easy installation! Fast delivery – depit shipper’s weather related delay (no fault of seller or product). Highly recommended!”
  • Chet: “Excellent piece. I was apprehensive because of the jointed hose, but it is very flexible. More flexible even than the ¼” platic hose on my other set.”
  • Panduka: “Great product. Looks great and works great. If you see the reviews by other buyers, i see some complaining about leaks. But, if you install it right the first time, i think you will not have issues. I recommend this to anyone.”

Joy Bidet D1 Handheld Bidet Shattaf with Adjustable Pressure Shut-off Valve, CUPC Hose Certification

Joy Bidet D1 Hand Held Bidet

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Next on our hand held bidet sprayer list is the Joy Bidet D1 Hand Held Bidet.  This bidet shattaf operates similarly to the first two models on our list and thus, come in at the lower end of the price spectrum.

The hose is 5 feet long, longer than most on this list, and is cUPC certified.  Pressure is controlled by the t-valve, not by the thumb trigger.  Everything needed to install the joy bidet comes with it and has a 1 year warranty.

What others have said:

  • Bob: “I have used a number of different types of Bidets over 25+ years in the US and overseas … and the Joy Bidet D1 is absolutely 5-stars. After almost 2 years of daily use, it still works perfect for a handheld bidet at a very good price on Amazon.”
  • Brad and Laura: “The Joy Bidet has been a joy for us to use. From its simplicity of installation, to its ease of use,
    The Joy Bidet has helped us save time and effort. Our primary use is for cleaning cloth diapers,
    be fore they go into the laundry.”
  • spoilt99: “I would highly recommend these for someone who knows what these are. For those who have never used these, Trust me, get one of these and you will be hooked on how clean you would feel after going.”

Mrs.Bidet White Spray Attachment For Toilet Complete Kit

Mrs. Bidet Spray

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The next option on our list of the hand held bidet sprayer models is the oft-reviewed Mrs. Bidet Spray. We covered the Mrs. Bidet Spray in an in-depth review and have no qualms with getting it on this list of hand held bidet sprayer options.

While the Mrs. Bidet Spray has lower marks in the ratings, that could be attributed to the sheer amount of sales the Mrs. Bidet Spray is responsible for.  It’s easily one of the most-reviewed bidets on this list and also comes in on the lower end of the price scale.

The trigger on the Mrs. Bidet Spray controls the pressure and also can lock, preventing any accidental misfires.  This is also the first bidet on our list that comes in white and not chrome, giving you a different look that perhaps makes more sense for a modern bathroom design.

See what others have said:

  • David: “Look, I know that it’s probably pricier than the other bidets here, but you really get what you pay for with this model. There’s nothing else like it. I have one of these units in every bathroom of my house.  Get this bidet. Trust me, it’s worth it.”
  • Anca: “AMAZING! I got this after a summer in Italy where even the cheap hotels had a bidet and I got used to using it. This little device is extremely easy to install (I did it myself, 60 year old woman) in 5 minutes. It’s also very easy to use.”
  • mominator: “I live in the Middle East most of the year where the bidet system is the norm. I’m so used to it that coming to the states and not finding them publicly is such a shame. I mean, it’s basic hygiene.”

SmarterFresh Faucet Bidet Sprayer for Toilet - Warm Water Handheld Sprayer with Sink Hose Attachment for Bathroom

SmarterFresh Warm Water Sprayer

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SmarterFresh is back on our list of the top hand held bidets, this time with a sprayer that can provide you with warm water capabilities!  That’s right, this is the only bidet on our list that will provide you with warm water, should you choose to set up your bidet that way.

We say “should you choose” because as you can see, the bidet must hook up to your bathroom sink if you’re looking for warm water.  So while you do get the warm water functionality, it may come at a visual or convenience cost.  However, the sink is still usable with the faucet diverter.

In any case, this bidet function just like the other SmarterFresh option on our list.  Although the hose is significantly longer than that one, the warm water sprayer comes with a hose that stretches over 7 feet long!  Lastly, the SmarterFresh comes with a one-year warranty.

See what others have said:

  • Gary F: “This is a totally awesome product, well worth the money.. I had ordered a cold water bidet and then this product popped up so I promptly cancelled the order for the cold water bidet, and immediately ordered this warm water bidet.”
  • Asrai: “I’ve a regular bidet which btw should come standard like in Japanese bathrooms but this is so incredibly handy and sturdy.”
  • Enrique: “Excellent product and excellent dealer. Super easy bidet sprayer to hook up, you don’t need to be a plumber to install it. Hot and cold water instantly. I got it for my mother and she’s thrill about it.”

Aqua Nexis Premium Cloth Diaper Sprayer - #1 Quality - Stainless Steel Hand Held Bidet Toilet & Toilet Sprayer, w/Handheld No-Leak Attachment (Set B)

Aqua Nexis Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

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For the next option on our list of the top hand held bidets is this one from Aqua Nexis.  With a lifetime guarantee, yes that’s right a lifetime guarantee, the Aqua Nexis shattaf is an excellent choice!

You’ll get variable water pressure; useful for the rear and feminine wash but also for cleaning cloth diapers or spraying the toilet bowl clean between uses.  The build materials are resistant to rust and corrosion, perfect for a watery environment like the bathroom.  And the hose is around 4 feet in length, comparable to the earlier models we discussed.

With an install time of approximately 10 minutes, you can be feeling fresher in no time!

See what others have said:

  • Ali: “I have tried 4-5 hand bidets last 4-5 years almost all of them got broken or started to leak after 6-9 month. Not this one! That’s why it deserves a review!”
  • Victoria M: “This sprayer will change your life! Yes, I am serious! I cloth diapered my daughter for 3 months without this. As soon as I got this, it made my life sooo much easier!”
  • Alan B: “We bought our first bidet sprayer several years ago and will never go back to using paper. When people ask why we wash instead of wiping I ask them, if they got poo on their hand would they be happy just wiping it off with paper?”

Brondell PS-90 PureSpa Bidet Sprayer/Diaper Sprayer Shattaf

Brondell PureSpa Bidet Sprayer

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Brondell is known for a wide variety of bathroom and toilet products, so it’s no wonder they find themselves on our list of hand held bidets.  Whether it’s the Swash 900 or any of their other bidets, any Brondell product is worth considering.  That’s where the Brondell PureSpa Bidet Sprayer enters.

Again, we find ourselves at the bottom-end of the pricing spectrum but quality has again is not sacrificed.  The materials are made with reinforced PVC and are cheaper than the metallic shattafs.  This allows Brondell to get that price point way down.  The look is crafted in all white, again providing a different look opposite those metal hand held bidets.

The Brondell PureSpa comes ready to install out of the box and can easily be installed to your home toilet.  This is a great starter shattaf on our list of hand held bidet sprayer models.

See what others have said:

  • DWarrens: “I gave 5 stars rating because of the following reasons:  1. Good product quality. Nicely made and durable material.  2. The water pressure can be adjusted. It comes with a valve.  3. It was delivered on time and well packaged.”
  • canonluv: “My protologist highly recommends using a Bidet Sprayer to minimize the chance of poop stains causing infection and even worse an abscess or even a fistula in the anal area. If you are a cyclist this is a must have, to clean your bottom thoroughly before you put on your bibs.”
  • Denise D: “I love this and use it all the time as a diaper sprayer and a bidet. It has a back flow prevention valve and an adjustable pressure valve so you can turn it up to spray of diapers and turn it down to gently clean yourself.”

Ultimate Handheld Toilet Bidet Sprayer & Baby Cloth Diaper Spray Kit by Premium Bath Co. - Hand Held Solid Brass Chrome Finish Shattaf Water Sprinkler for Personal Hygiene, Feet, Pets - Easy Install

Premium Bath Co. Hand Held Bidet

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As a unique-looking addition on our list of hand held bidets, the Premium Bath Co Hand Held Bidet has a look about it that stands apart from the others.  The square look of this bidet is a fascinating one but isn’t the only reason it has cracked our list.

The Premium Bath Co. shattaf comes with a lifetime warranty, similar to the Aqua Nexis model.  That means you will be 100% satisfied, even if it ever breaks or malfunctions.  You’ll never need to worry here!

The variable pressure is controlled by the t-valve and can be adjusted for bidet use all the way up to toilet bowl cleaning power.  It’s also great for clearing those cloth diapers as well.

See what others have said:

  • Myron: “Easy to install and high quality material. I like the shutoff to keep the water pressure off when I am not using it.”
  • Affifa: “Overall, the design and quality really impressed me a lot. I may have to order more from this manufacturer.”
  • Vik: “I like it. The installation is fairly simple. I asked some questions to the seller, and promptly got a response. I wish they had a youtube video of it. But anybody can really install it, you don’t really need any tools.”

Brass Handheld Bidet for Toilet Set Bidet Sprayer Combo for Bathroom Attachment Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit and Muslim Shower with Hose and T Valve Chrome

Reege Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

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The last entry to our list is this hand held bidet model from Reege.  It comes with everything pictured and installs quite easily.  It has backflow prevention functionality, a 5-foot hose, and comes with a nice bracket and hook that is perfect for mounting on the toilet or on the wall.

Like the others on our list, water pressure is adjustable on the t-valve.  This kind of variable pressure gives you the ability to use this sprayer for whatever life throws your way; baby diapers, toilet bowl cleaning, or washing the dog!

It comes with a 1 year warranty for parts and nicely warps up our list of the hand held bidets.

See what others have said:

  • Ameerah: “Great pressure. No leakage. All my boys love it. I also love that I can control the pressure or completely turn it off so my boys don’t go spraying it all over the bathroom.”
  • Mark O: “The product is top quality and was extremely easy to install. It took me literally less than 5 minutes to put in and without any tools required. As a world traveler that spent almost three years living in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa I found these bidet sprayers everywhere in my travels.”
  • H. Wong: “Excellent product sold by excellent vendor!”

Why aren’t you using a hand held bidet?

Seriously, why aren’t you yet?  You know they are better for you but you’ve just been a little hesitant to take the next steps.

Here’s why you should be using a bidet in your home:

  • More hygienic than just toilet paper
  • Better for the environment
  • Saves money on toilet paper
  • Cuts down on potential clogging issues from toilet paper usage
  • More sophisticated–and who doesn’t want to be fancy?

Don’t continue to wipe and wipe and wipe like the old days. It’s the future! Shouldn’t your toilets be futuristic too?!

Enjoy a hand held bidet sprayer attachment today!

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