The Best Extra Large Toilet Seat

Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover - For Round Or Elongated Toilet Bowls - Weight Capacity 800 Pounds - WhiteLast Updated on April 13, 2021 Sometimes the key to a great toilet isn’t one painted in gold but rather, one that is comfortable to sit on and enjoy.  Because of that, we put together a list to provide a better understanding of the best extra large toilet seat models on the market today that turns your toilet into a Cadillac.

It’s a growing market no doubt and many companies are developing newer and better ways to accommodate the trends in extra large toilet seat production.

But with that being said, there are a few known contenders and a few up and comers making headway in the market.

We will highlight a few extra large toilet seats we find to be an excellent choice for potential buyers.

Whether it’s strength and durability, price, or comfort you’re targeting, there should be an option below for you.  All of these options will cover the gambit of what you need in a brand new extra large toilet seat and cover.

Our Top Choices

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The Best Extra Large Toilet Seat

Big John 1-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover and Stainless Steel Hinges – For Round Or Elongated Toilet Bowls – Weight Capacity 1,200 Pounds – White

Big John 1-W Toilet Seat

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Quick-Spec List:

  • 19 Inches Wide
  • Can Hold Up To 1,200 lbs
  • Chemically Resistant ABS Plastic
  • Stabilizing Bumpers
  • Seat Contour For Comfort
  • Reinforced Hinges

Our choice for the best extra large toilet seat, no surprise, is the Big John 1-W Toilet Seat. As no stranger to the extra large toilet seat arena, the Big John series of oversized toilet seats will surely have options for anyone on the market for one.  And this list is no different.

The sitting area of the Big John 1-W Toilet Seat rests at around 19 inches, which puts it in the top percentile for seat width.

While we won’t say that width is the most important factor for all oversized toilet seats, because to us it isn’t, it does make a difference to many.  Extra landing space will provide more self-stability and assurance while using the Big John 1-W.

The Big John extra large toilet seats are designed to fit any toilet seat, even the shape.  That’s right, any Big John extra large toilet seat is going to work on a round or elongated toilet bowl.  So rest assured that your new Big John toilet seat will fit what you have in your home’s bathrooms.

The seat of the Big John 1-W is contoured for comfort, and the makers take a lot of pride in this.  Its contour was designed to make the seat feel as spacious and accommodating as possible, making it a top-notch option for those specifically targeting comfort in their new seat.  Also along the same line, the seat can be enjoyed by people big and small–another plus for all families.

Speaking of durable, the 1-W model can hold over 1,200 pounds! That’s as much as a Tennessee Walking Horse.  This is achieved through the injection-molded ABS plastic which is high-impact and stain resistant.  The seat is then attached to the toilet by stainless steel hinges, which are considerably stronger than a typical set of hinges–great foresight by the folks at Big John.

In addition to the stability provided by the seat’s overall width, the 1-W is very stable on top of your toilet. It uses synthetic rubber bumpers to minimize shifting on the bowl. This way there is no concern of toppling over or losing your balance while using the toilet.

A great starting option for any extra large toilet seat shopper!

Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover – For Round Or Elongated Toilet Bowls – Weight Capacity 800 Pounds – White

Honorable Mention:

Big John 6-W Toilet Seat

check price of big jon 6-w toilet seat on amazon

We couldn’t just let this one go without mention so we figured an honorable mention was in order, given its relationship to the 1-W model.  We also highlighted this particular seat in our list of the best toilet accessories for elderly individuals.

The 6-W model is nearly identical to the 1-W and has a cost that is severely reduced from its more expensive cousin.  The reasons for this are due to a downgrade in some of the materials used.

Now this isn’t to say that the materials are going to break down early or anything.  They just don’t have the strength of the original 1-W model.  The 6-W holds up to 800 pounds in comparison to the 1200 the 1-W model.   We know people don’t weigh that much, this just provides added strength like this can prevent any improper weight distribution.

What you get at this point is a toilet seat that can handle a majority of what users are looking for in a toilet seat.  However, you’re going to get that at a significant cost reduction.  If price is your concern, look at the Big John 6-W model!

Other Great Choices:

Bemis 1000CP000 1000CPT 000 Paramount Plastic Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Bemis 1000CP000 Toilet Seat

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The Bemis 1000CP000 is an excellent extra large toilet seat and one often not considered by consumers.  While it may not have the reputation of the Big John extra large toilet seats, the 1000CP000 can hold its own.

Firstly, the price point on the Bemis is solid.  It will typically cost well below what the Big John series will cost, however, you can see why as we continue our review.

You get a little bit less overall with the Bemis than you do with other extra large toilet seats.  That’s not a drawback, just something to keep in mind as you shop.This toilet seat on the Bemis 1000CP000 is a bit smaller in width than some of our other choices.

At 16 inches wide, it’s still wider than a regular toilet seat but not nearly as wide as the Big John series.  This gives shoppers options when it comes to the overall size of their extra large toilet seat choice.

It also helps accommodate smaller toilet areas as well.

We really enjoyed the contour of this toilet seat versus the Big John model seats.  The Bemis 1000CP000’s seat is shaped almost like a bucket seat in that it you settle into it nicely.  It’s curvature does provide more sense of stability as it’s a more naturally hugging shape.

The Bemis is also not as strong as others on our list.  It’s advertised as being able to support up to 500 pounds which you can tell gives us that lower price point.  It also lends itself to the contour this seat has overall in comparison to seats like the Big John toilet seats.

All and all, you can’t go wrong with the Bemis 1000CP000 extra large toilet seat.  It is a great middle option between 18-19 inch seats and regular sized toilet seats.  The 1000CP000 also fits round and elongated toilet bowl shapes.

Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet Seat - Supports up to 1,000 Pounds

#3. Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet Seat

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Next we have this extra wide toilet seat option from Jobar International.  Made in the USA, the slogan for this toilet seat is “Jumbo Seat, Jumbo Comfort.”  And overall, we think they’ve done well in accomplishing that.

The seat is 18.25 inches wide, so nearly as wide as the Big John 1-W we mentioned earlier.  It’s contoured and curved to fit your rear-end while durable enough to hold up to 1000 pounds.

Larger individuals should have no fears using a toilet seat like this.  It can be easily installed and fits on standard toilets.

The biggest factor to the Bariatric extra wide toilet seat is its price.  At less than $100 (usually), it undercuts most of the seats on our list.

Big John 3-W Oversized Open Front Toilet Seat with Cover and Stainless Steel Hinges – For Round Or Elongated Toilet Bowls – Weight Capacity 1,200 Pounds – White

#4. Big John 3-W Toilet Seat

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Next on our list of extra large toilet seats is another offering from Big John, this time it’s their 3-W model.  This is certainly no inferior model to the 1-W model, not by any stretch.

While this model has many comparable features to the 1-W model, the Big John 3-W Extra Large Toilet Seat has an open front version.

These toilet seats often are most ideal for women which is why having the option for one is great for families to use!

This seat also holds up to 1,200 pounds and requires the same easy assembly as the 1-W model.

Both the 1-W and 3-W models are priced the same, generally speaking.  Be mindful you can get them at a variety of different places but Amazon is usually the best option.

What To Consider When Buying

To sum up various points that have been discussed, this is what to consider with your new extra large toilet seat purchase:

  • Weight Capacity
  • Open/Closed Seat
  • Stability
  • Seat Width
  • Price

Unfortunately, many of these seats don’t have a slow closing feature like other toilet seats but we’ve done our best to highlight each of the main buying factors for an extra large toilet seat.  If you review your preferences in each point, you should be able to easily identify the right extra large toilet seat for you.

Our Opinion

Big John toilet seats are the dominant extra large toilet seat maker in the game. Through your own research you might be coming to that conclusion and we completely understand why. They have a number of different offerings at different prices.  Next to prices, they have various models. Next to that, they have models made with various materials, features, and designs.

That said, you as a consumer do have options on the marketplace and it’s no longer completely dominated by Big John. While Big John continues to be the top dog, a few toilet seat makers are nibbling into their hold on number one.  Competition makes everyone’s seats better in the end anyway!

All of the extra large toilet seats we highlighted here should be enough to get anyone started.  Use this to help make the right decision for yourself, your guests, and your family!