The 10 Best Bathroom Scales

Arboleaf Digital Scale - Smart Scale Wireless Bathroom Weight Scale with iOS, Android APP, Unlimited Users, Auto Recognition Body Status Analyzer
Last Updated on April 13, 2021 We at Toiletops spent over 25 hours in search of the best bathroom scale on the market. We analyzed over 30 different bathroom scales, read numerous reviews, and attempted to get a hands on look at as many as possible. In the end, we feel we’ve constructed the best list of bathroom scales available paired with other reviewer’s testimonials.

We know how important weight loss is and our goal was providing a comprehensive list of bathroom scales that fit all types of individual. In the end, we chose the RENPHO BMI Smart Scale and the Arboleaf Bluetooth Scale as the best choice overall. They can accommodate a wide variety of user base and come in at prices that also work for most. They have excellent functionality, look, and can fight into any bathroom.

But if these two aren’t for you, we’re sure to have one that is! Check these out!

Our Choices

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The Best Bathroom Scale

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs - Black, 11 x 11 Inch

RENPHO Bluetooth BMI Smart Scale

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  • Tracks 13 Metrics Over Time
  • Syncs w/ Fitness Apps including the Fitbit App
  • Tracks BMI, Body Fat%, Water%, and more!
  • 4 High-precision sensors
  • Tempered Glass

The RENPHO Bluetooth BMI Wireless Smart Scale is for you if you learned your alphabet via AI technology and receive more happy birthday wishes via an eApp than by snail mail or telephone. Perfect if you’re single or if your spouse is equally busy as you are making the change you want to see in the world. Globally accessible via Bluetooth using the SmartPhone App, you can monitor and update your personal data of no less than 11 composition metrics. This scale also compatibly syncs with other fitness apps such as Google Fit, Fitbit, and Apple Health, and it accommodates weights up to 396 pounds. With features like this, it’s not a mystery why we’ve chosen it as a top choice for best bathroom scale.

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - Smart Scale Wireless Bathroom Weight Scale with iOS, Android APP, Unlimited Users, Auto Recognition Body Composition Analyzer for Fat, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass, Water, 396 lbs

Arboleaf Bluetooth Scale

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  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass, and Metal
  • Smart Scale: Yes
  • Units of Measurement Options: 10

The Arboleaf Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is your most comprehensive and worry-free model selection on our list of bathroom scales. This health management tool comes in especially handy if you and your family members use varying digital devices because it is compatible with more than just SmartPhone apps. It can also sync with Android technology, and holds personal data for an unlimited number of users. Handling up to 396 pounds, this scale lets you record all of the essential metrics for fitness plans including BMI, bone mass, BMR, visceral fat, and body fat, to name a few.

Best Bathroom Scale For Accuracy:

Weight Scale, SmarTake Precision Digital Body Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, 6mm Tempered Glass Easy Read Backlit LCD Display, 400 Pounds,Black

SmarTake Precision Bathroom Scale

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  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass and Metal
  • Smart Scale: No
  • Units of Measurement Options: 3

The SmarTake Precision Digital Body Fat Bathroom Scale measures up to 400 pounds and is well known for its accuracy, longevity, and versatility. You may elect to see your weight displayed in stones (ST), pounds (Lbs), or kilograms (kg). The unit presents as sleek and fashionable, suitable for any room decor. The SmarTake Precision also comes with a black, body tape-measure, a 12-month warranty, and only requires two triple-A batteries to function which are included.

INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Scale, Measures Weight for Multiple Users.

INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

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  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass and Metal
  • Smart Scale: Yes
  • Units of Measurement Options: 2

The INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale allows you to tailor body weight analysis in accordance with your age, height, gender, and whether or not you regularly engage in 10 hours or more of rigorous physical activity per week. This product offers a 5-year warranty with no additional charge, and comes with the battery powersource already included and/or installed. You may also further tailor your preferences per units of weight measurement and profile setting selections. INEVIFIT is found to deliver the greatest style for that appealing aesthetic relatable to your interior design.

Best Bathroom Scale For The Money

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale from GreaterGoods (Black)

GreaterGoods Digital Bathroom Scale

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  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 1 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass and Metal
  • Smart Scale: No
  • Units of Measurement Options: 2

If saving a few pennies is on your agenda, then these are the best bathroom scales for the money. The Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale from GreaterGoods is set apart from the pack via its daily manufacturing efforts toward global sustainability and its product offerings. Accommodating up to 400 pounds, this scale features a large display visible in any or no atmospheric lighting, a large surface for all feet types, and access to their proprietary app that helps you track your progress. This scale also wisely monitors your body’s composition by displaying and logging such relevant data as your muscle mass and water weight, among others. This product also has the capacity to maintain records for up to eight users. Most importantly, if you’re accustomed to spending your money under a rubric of wise stewardship, this scale is for you. Stationed in Saint Louis, Missouri, GreaterGoods regularly gives to charities that fight for ending hunger and sex trafficking, and for gaining access to clean water.

RENPHO Smart Heart Rate Body Fat Scale Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scales Wireless Weight Scale BMI Scale, 15 Essential Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs - White

RENPHO Smart Heart Scale

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  • Dimensions:12.2 x 12.2 x 1 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass and Metal
  • Smart Scale: Yes
  • Units of Measurement Options: 15

RENPHO Smart Heart Scale comes with all of the amenities you could possibly favor for every exercise and diet regimen whether personally customized or encountered preset at online exercise clubs. Check with your online personal trainer for their app code or scanner for immediate programming. This wireless scale allows you to connect with familiar AND lesser known physique development apps from outdoor activities planning, to indoor regimens, to limited movement exercises. You will also enjoy linking your details of the progress of your body to meal planning and grocery shopping apps that guide you in accordance with the body goals you’ve programmed into them. This unit handles up to 396 pounds and should not be disregarded as a top option for best bathroom scale.

Best Bathroom Scale For Obese Users

EatSmart Products Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology

EatSmart Precision

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  • Dimensions:14.13 x 14.13 x 1.68 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Smart Scale: No
  • Units of Measurement Options: 5

The best bathroom scale for obese users would be the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale. This scale delivers a high capacity bathroom scale with digital display of results, and long-lasting use on three triple-A batteries. The battery compartment is easy to access, and the unit measures up to 550 pounds accurately. The wide surface accommodates our larger clients. Most importantly, the hangtime on the display suffices to let you see it for yourself without having to get someone else to read it for you while you’re standing on it.

EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra-Wide Platform, 440 Pound Capacity

EatSmart Precision Plus Bathroom Scale

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  • Dimensions: 15.375 x 11.75 x 0.75 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Smart Scale: No
  • Units of Measurement Options: 2

Our second recommendation as the best bathroom scale for obese users is the EatSmart Precision Plus. This bathroom scale distinguishes itself by its ultra durable and accommodating surface, and its thoughtful LED display that stands out for ease of visibility even in a dark room so that you do not have to disturb your housemates. This unit seems to be always reasonably priced. Similarly, it can accommodate a wider share of the market population typically desiring to regularly weigh-in. This product can hold up to 440 pounds.

Best Bathroom Scale For Weight Loss:

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale- Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale- SR SunRoom Smart BMI Scale with 12 Essential Measurements and FDA Approved Body Composition Analyzer, Smartphone App…

SR Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

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  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.2 x 0.76 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass and Metal
  • Smart Scale: Yes
  • Units of Measurement Options: 12

If you’re on the market for the best bathroom scale for weight loss, these smart digital scales are sure to do the trick. The SR Bluetooth Body Fat Scale provides assurance through internet connection that lets you hear projected body composition analyses after you run, jog, swim, climb, kickbox, etc. Simply plug in the details of your activity session into the appropriate and compatible SmartPhone App. This scale presents with a non-slip surface and lets your SmartPhone function with it as a remote control as you renovate your body. It can hold and present accurately up to 396 pounds. It’s an excellent choice in being one of the top bathroom scales.

REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with Free IOS and Android App, Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat, 400lb (White)

REDOVER – Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

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  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches
  • Material: Tempered Glass and Metal
  • Smart Scale: Yes
  • Units of Measurement Options: 13

The REDOVER – Bluetooth Body Fat Scale distinguishes itself by its numerous measurements (15), free wireless app access available immediately upon purchase, and its compatibility with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health wellness management tools. The units are available in black or white with silver foot recognition nodules lending to its stylish presentation suitable for all interiors. You will like it in your home spa and for your online fitness club subscription.

Buying Guide

When shopping for a new digital scale for your home, there are many different options to choose from. It’s important to look at all of your options and find a scale that’s perfect for all of your needs. Are you just looking for a basic scale to check your weight once in awhile? Or are you a health nut who wants to know your precise weight, BMI, and body fat percentage? There are a variety of different digital scales on the market, so here’s a few things to look for when shopping.


When thinking about buying a new digital scale, first consider how much you’d like to spend. You can spend anywhere from  $12 on a digital scare for the cheaper models, or you could spend up into the hundreds of dollars. First decide how much you have to spend. Then you can start to get an idea of what features and styles you can get for your money.


Many of the newer digital scales have a sleek, modern look to them. There are a variety of different sizes and color schemes. Since your scale will most likely be residing on your bathroom floor, you want it to look somewhat natural and fitting with the design and colors of your bathroom.


Before buying a scale, be sure to check what it’s weight capacity is. Newer model scales generally have a higher weight capacity than older scales. Be sure that your personal weight is below that of the scale. This will ensure that the scale will work accurately. Most scales have a max of about 350 lbs.


Keep your foot size in mind when looking at buying a new scale. If the scale is too small and your toes hang over the edge, this will keep from getting an accurate reading. The platforms on scales come in different size dimensions, and also different materials. Some are metal, plastic, or glass. Another reason to pay attention to the size of the scale is so you can be sure it will not take up too much room in your bathroom. You want it big enough for your needs, but not so big that you’re tripping over it every time you walk past it. You can find the dimensions on the product description page of the scale you are viewing. It is always a good idea to take measurements of where your scale will be stationed.


We’ve probably all owned a scale that never quite gives the same reading twice. If tracking your weight is important to you, it might be worth the few extra dollars to find a higher end scale that is more accurate. If you are shopping for a digital scale in a physical store location, try to test out the scale if possible. Set a few of the scales on the ground. Step onto the scale and weight for it to give your reading. Step off the scale, and repeat this about 3 times. If you get the same reading all 3 times, then that will be a good sign of the scales accuracy. If any of the scales you test out are off by a pound or two every time you step on it, you will know that scale is not very high quality. The accuracy of a scale is probably the most important factor when thinking about buying . If you’re planning on tracking your weight loss or weight gains, you most likely want to be able to see those small, yet motivating weight increments.

If shopping for a digital scale online, customer reviews will be your best resource for finding a good scale. Read reviews from customers who have already purchased the scale. What are they saying about it? Is it a good quality scale for the price? Do they like the way it looks? Does it fit nicely in their space? Most importantly, is it accurate? Seeing what others are saying about the product is always a great way to weigh your options.

Perks of Smart Scales

Although smart scales will be a bit more expensive, they do have some pretty awesome features. Some smart scales are bluetooth equipped, so you are able to use an app on your phone to track your personal weight and information. If you are doing a more extreme weight regimen, this may be a feature you’d like to have.

Some smart scales can also have internal memory built in to them. This means that if more than one person in your family uses the scale, it can store all of their data separately. This multi-user function can be great if you have other family members who will bu using the scale on a regular basis.

Some people are looking to track their Body mass or Body fat content. Some smart scales have this capability. Some of these features have been known to be a bit spotty, but even if it is not 100% accurate, at least you will have a basic idea of these figures.

Why Digital?

Before digital scales came along, we were stuck with the older “analog” style scales. The analog versions are known to be less accurate than digital, and also more difficult to get a consistent weight reading. They are known to break over time and be undependable.

Although analog scales require no batteries, there are a few reasons why digital is better. For one, on a digital scale, you get a reading to the exact ounce of your weight. For example, you can see that you weight 175.4, rather than just “somewhere between 175 and 177 pounds.”

As with any technology, digital scales can sometimes have connection or electrical issues. However, if you stick with a decent quality digital scale, you will rarely run into problems, and you will also rarely have to replace your scale.

Although you will have to replace the batteries on your digital scale from time to time, they are generally fairly inexpensive. Apart from replacing batteries, your digital scale should require very little upkeep and be able to last you a number of years.

Ready To Choose A Scale?

There are plenty of options available to choose from. One of the challenges of finding the perfect scale for you might be that there are TOO many choices. Start with your budget, and go from there. Try to find something that is pleasing to the eye and that will work in your space you have available.


Remember it might be worth the few extra dollars to get a higher quality scale. This way you will get your money’s worth in the long run.


Once You’ve decided how much to spend, you can start to browse the different options in your price range. Look for the certain color and size scale you would like.


Are You looking for a base model scale? If you simply want to monitor your weight and check in once in awhile, a basic digital scale should be fine for your needs.

If you’re interested in more of the features such as BMI, Body Fat Percentage, and bluetooth/tracking capabilities, You may have to spend a little bit extra for these features.

Remember, not all of these features are known to be perfectly accurate, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to spend the extra money.


The main thing you should be looking for in your digital scale is quality and consistency. Test the scale out if you have the opportunity to do so. If you are shopping online, be sure to read online customer reviews and see what others like or don’t like about the product.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what to look for in a digital scale, it’s time to start searching. Follow these steps when buying your next digital scale and you should be able to purchase the perfect scale for you that will last you many years.